Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You mess it up... you clean it up

"G, did you smash raspberries into the carpet?"

"NO, D ojrhoighueuglsl"
"Oh, so D did it?"

"D, did you smash raspberries into the carpet?"

"You didn't? Is this your shirt?"

"Oh really, you are wearing it. Should I believe you?"


"Well, your mess, you clean up!"


Emmilu said...

Don't you just love boys!!

Joye said...

Love the shirt evidence-- should you believe him? NOOO hahaha You had to laugh right?

Jessica said...

I love how he's so innocent with the evidence all over his clothes and face! Have you seen the funniest home video with the girl who had apparently drawn on her face with a marker? She thought it was pretty until mom asked how she thought Dad would like it...then she wanted to wash it all off.