Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back from the bed

G had been running a fever anywhere between 100-102 since Monday. He has been poopy feeling and not eating... but he has been drinking, so I doubt it is his throat again. Well, yesterday afternoon he had started to feel better, so we decided to take advantage and let him go swimming... so we all went.

Of course, as soon as we started to come in for dinner and stripped his swimmy off, he laid on daddy's shoulder and didn't want to come off. It was too much and he was back to feeling bad. :(

Today he is feeling his oats.

*NOTE: In the last pic, G is not in distress, when D swims, the boy kicks very crazy... G was just getting splashed.


Jessica said...

Your poor little guy! I hope he's all better today. What cute pics of them swimming! I wish we had a place for a pool- we don't have a flat spot to be found on our property.

Emmilu said...

Wow! They are good little swimmers!

Teri said...

What cute little swimmers you have. Great shots. Found you on Joye's blog.