Thursday, July 24, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and updates.

We love you babe.

So I got the results of the evaluation and it looks like G is accepted into the program... but not because of delay. Out of 5 areas, he had a 15% delay in one area... that is it. NO other delays, but the records they got from the doctors showed that at one time he was diagnosed "Failure to Thrive". Because of this, he is accepted.
Let me clarify something. He is healthy as a horse, very. He just has a hard time gaining weight. When he was very little, like months old, he stopped gaining... for months. At 3 months old, he was still just 8 lbs after a month of weight stall. When this happened he was diagnosed with 'failure to thrive' and they began to run test for Cystic Fibrosis and such. He came up negative for all tests, rest assured.
I questioned whether or not to proceed with putting him into the program.. "if he is not delayed, then are we wasting our time". I mean, this is state funded.. and do we really want to be those people who can do it on their own and take advantage of state funded programs?
Then I talked to Nana and she said something "With as competitive as the world is, why are you going to take an opportunity away from him?"



Emmilu said...

I would do it if you are worried about him. If they qualified him, then he meets the standards one way or another. My SLP brain says there is a wide range of what is normal for a two-year-old, and a 15% delay is really not much at that age. But my mommy brain says that if Liam was not making sentences, I would be worried and they are close to the same age. He will age out of early intervention at 3-years anyway, and a few months of therapy will probably get him caught up, espically if he has no other delays.

Anonymous said...

You pay taxes. You have a right to get help. It isn't like you and J are bad parents and don't spend enough time talking to him or something. Take the help.

It's Kimpossible! said...

I agree, go for it. There certainly is no harm in him getting an extra leg. And if the state says that he qualifies, that is good enough. Taking advantage of the system would be asking your doc for a fake diagnosis to get him in the program. They made an allowance for Failure to Thrive kids for a reason, it helps them, no matter their level of abilities. That is all that matters. Besides, a "better than expected" evaluation doesn't mean to not do anything, right? Just that it may not be as hard as previously thought.