Friday, May 15, 2009

Yes.. it is 4:55 am and I am blogging

Well, because I have been up for over 2 hours fighting with two little boys about whether it is time to get up or not.
It started with G having to pee... then he woke up D... then G finally fell back asleep and I fought with D til about 5 minutes ago.... Now I am debating on whether to just stay up or go back to sleep and dread waking up...

Oh... I was going to introduce you to some of our new roommates...

This is Baby... Ka-Ka's dog. She is dainty and prissy and the boys scare the crap out of her. I wouldn't say Phoenix is her boyfriend, but he does watch over her.

The is Mick... Pops dog. He likes only Pops. Enough said.

This is Eddie... Berek's dog. He is the Alpha apparently because him and Sasha went head to head a couple of times the first week. He likes trying to beat Phoenix to the tennis ball... He is Sasha's and Phoenix's buddy now.

Mick and Baby stay to themselves in the bedroom... while Eddie is all up in the action... wherever it is.
I am sure I will have some good stories soon enough.

HOUSE UPDATE: Plans for the house itself are done... it will be a 4 br, 2 1/2 bath, with a bonus room and a private office off the master. The builder has put in a offer that has been accepted on the plot of land and all we have left is to put down the earnest money and look over some contracts with the builder and we are ready to break ground. I will definitely keep you updated through all of this.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We are here... we are settling in, in Lebanon in Ka-Ka and Pop's house.

We are getting our schedules sorted out and will be fine in due time.

I developed a cold or something the day we actually moved out... I felt it moving in on the day I was driving up here with the boys and dogs in the car.
I still have it and it looks like it might stay a while.

G has started asking... nay, telling me "I NEED go home."
Yeah... it breaks my heart.... he gets sad and cries... I cry with him and tell him it is ok to be sad... it only last a minute.. hopefully he will go a day here soon he won't mention it.

Overall though.. everything is going much better than we expected and we are extremely proud of all of our 4 legged babies as well as the 2 legged ones.

So far.. so good.

*House update: we decided not to buy the 1.7 acres plot, but we are going after the plot next to it.. it is 1.3 acres.... the 1.7 has a lot of boulders on it that will be costly with building on it... the 1.3 acres is flatter and wider and it will not need the costly footers the house would need on 1.7 acres.
We are still working on the plans and it is looking like we are making progress. We put a ceiling of $200,000 on it and we are working to "try" to keep it under that with everything we want... because we are not stupid.. after all is said and done, it will probably be like $220,000 after we put the "upgrades" in it we want. And that will still keep us well under what we can get approved for... no reason for living up to your means... that will be just too close to living above your means.