Tuesday, March 30, 2010

34 weeks

At this point, the doc has told me he won't stop labor.
So we are expecting Corgan anywhere between 0 to 42 days(due date)....

That sure seems like a long range.
Since I have never hit 38 weeks, lets say between 0 to 28 days.... as an estimate.

I get the weekly "your baby is now this size and you should feel this..."... during the first 2 trimesters, it is fairly accurate for me... but right now, I doubt it.

What and *I* feeling?

Diarrhea... 5 weeks and going strong.
He is playing the bongos on my hip bones.
He is head banging on my pubic bone.
My sciatic nerve is taking a beating and my legs are tired of going numb.

I do think he will be bigger than the boys because of the way and amount I see him move...it is like I don't have any fluid in there sometimes the way I can tell what is what. I was never able to do that with G or D... totally weird.

Oh and you know how *they* say the 3rd is the most laid back because he has to be...
Well, if how they act in the womb is ANY indication of how they are outside it, this little man is wilder than D... and that is saying something...

And let's just be honest for 1 minute.... I don't think anyone can say "Casey" and "laid back" in the same sentence without smirking, so I doubt my ability to produce such a child... unless this child is 100% Ja, I have no chance. lol

I am ready for the boys to meet him and hold him. I am ready to hold and love on him. I am ready to see him... to see if he looks like G or D or a perfect mixture of both or a perfect mixture of neither.

What do we have to look forward to for the next couple of weeks until I get to the point where I will prolly drop this kiddo...

G dentist appointment
35 weeks-
Date night with a bestie
J in Palm Beach for 2 days
Doc appointment
G first soccer game
36 weeks

(as you can tell... I really don't need to go into labor during my 35-36 week stint.)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gavin's 4 year old check-up

We went to a new doc and I think we are going to stick with him... he use to work at Lebonheur in Memphis and then Peds East (our last pedi when we lived in Memphis) so we are familiar with his brand of treatment.

So... again... short and skinny
25th percentile for both height and weight.
He is usually 25th percentile in weight, but was usually at 50th percentile for height.

At 4, he is 34lbs and 39 inches tall.
Ears are good.
Eyes are good.

Doc said somethings and we discussed alot and there will prolly be some discussions about Gavin and issues from the past and now that me and J really need to discuss further, but overall.

He is healthy, he is happy, and he is smart.

And a tad bit goofy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

33 weeks and 1 day

33 weeks, 1 day and a doc appointment.

Didn't gain anymore weight again.. thank you diarrhea. But they checked my urine and it doesn't seem I am too dehydrated. Apparently this might be something that won't go away until after delivery. Ugh.

So me and the doc talked some more as I informed him "I have contractions that are around 20-25 minutes apart, I feel "things" when I am having them, they last like 30 seconds and I think this kid has dropped... it makes me anxious that things are starting to happen too soon and I am worried.

He informed me that he won't stop a delivery after 34 weeks, so I just need to make it 6 more days... he is not worried... I shouldn't be... he said 34 weekers have very similar stats than that of 36-37 weekers... the latter is just heavier. He didn't chose to check my cervix even with my concerns and told me he would see me in 2 weeks unless I feel like there is a reason to come in sooner.... like if I think I am in labor. He is a very very laid back doctor and seems to very very laid back about my pregnancy... something I am not sure how I feel about. Very crazy.

Now, I am still in the mindset of 36-37 weeks is the best time for me.... or later, whatever.. so I am still going to try to monitor and hydrate contractions and lay down alot and limit the sex intake until about 35 weeks...

We will see what happens and pray that Corgan is happy and healthy whenever he decides to come...

So to me, I am 20-48 days from seeing my 3rd little man.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Onesie attempts

Attempt 1)

Attempt 2)

Attempt 3)
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Soccer Practice




Makes me feel old and young all at the same time.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

32 weeks today.. the countdown begins... sort of.

So today I hit 32 weeks.

Feeling every bit of 36.

So, now that the birthday parties for the boys are out of the way... what are we doing for the next 4-8 weeks before Corgan gets here?

Doc appointment for me.
Doc appointment for G.
G's soccer practices, and J coaching debut starts.
J has another long weekend out of town.
Baby shower for Corgan.
Dentist appointment for G.
G's soccer games starts.
Date night with a bestie.
J goes to West Palm Beach.
I am 36 weeks... and at that point in this family, it is minute by minute thing.... thankfully J hasn't scheduled any out of town trips at this point because we are going to wait and see when Corgan comes....

Now, the week of my due date and the week after Mother's Day, J has an opportunity to go to a big week long trip which is a big deal... he needs to go... it would mean alot of contacts and leads for him... I don't necessarily want him to, because lets be honest, it will be the first time I am with all 3 boys by myself for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time period, which is fairly soon after Corgan will be born.... but he hasn't committed to that, but he needs to.. lets just see what Corgan will decide.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Gavin's 4th Birthday

And again, there is a lack of pictures... but you get the idea.



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Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting smarter making stuff

Now that I have a couple of hats and gowns under my belt... I found my handicap... zigzag stitching....
My problem was the hems on the collar and sleeves...

I think I am getting smart...
Here is one I made out of an old BETA t-shirt of hubby's.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

First attempt at making newborn clothes

So I found this site Rookie Moms and discovered patterns to making newborn hats and gowns out of old t-shirts...

here are my 1st attempts.

HAT 1.. could use some work

HAT 2.. better but still a working progress

GOWN 1...


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

D 3 year pics and G 4 year pics

Gavin is 4 years old

At 4:00pm, 4 years ago today, your little bitty 5lb 7oz body came into our lives and we could have never imagined the joy and happiness and pride you have filled us with.

We are so proud of you little man.

Happy Birthday Gavin!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

31 weeks today

Notice it doesn't seem I have a belly button anymore.

yep... too stretched out for it to pop out.

Went to the doc yesterday and everything looks great. Didn't gain any weight but that is explained by the stomach thing I have been dealing with for almost 2 weeks now. Now I have gained 12 lbs overall, so far, for the pregnancy, so that is good.

I expressed my concern and nightmares of having this child in my bed.

*backstory... if you don't know.. I labor fast. - how fast? Active labor that starts at 5cm.. well, with Dylan, active labor was only 30 minutes with him before I was pushing him out. 5cm to 10cm and crowning within 30 minutes.
They say it all goes faster with each subsequent pregnancy... thus my nightmares.

I told him how I was afraid to labor at home because of this... he said that he was going to talk to me about that anyways.... shoo.

So the plan is this.
Keep going back every two weeks until either 34 or 35 (based on how I was feeling at my 33 week appointment) then he was going to start checking my cervix then, instead of waiting until 36 because, lets be honest, I have early babies. He said once my cervix seemed very favorable (aka 3-4 cm and soft and well.. ready) then we would set a time to put me in and give me a little pitocin.

So there is where we are... I will know more in two weeks.. until then, I will be celebrating my big boy turn 4 and starting soccer.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

He does this to J everyday

Poor J can't hardly go to the bathroom without D doing this to him.

It is sad really... He is such an actor.

Friday, March 5, 2010

New family member...

and no, I have not gone into labor, but if my stomach gets any worse (not big, diarrhea cha cha cha)... ANYWAYS...

So here is the story..

Shortly after Christmas, my parents found out that Abigail, or Abby, their 4 year old English Bulldog has Cancer... Bladder Cancer... nothing the docs can do.. now, it was caught EARLY so Abby will still be with us for prolly 2 years... no one can predict... but the poor girl has no one to play with.

Well, she has 3 cats but it is more "if Abby 'plays' with one, the other two attack her"... so she is bored.

So, Welcome our newest Hill.
This is Lucy.
She is a pure bred, tri-color Aussie Shepherd.

And she thinks Abby hung the moon... and Abby has found such a good bud, she is allowed to sleep on Abby's nap pillow.
Can't wait to smell her puppy breath.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

oh good Lord...

I apologize... I have been awful about posting.
I am so sorry.

So what has been going on in the few weeks since D's birthday?

We took the 1 good weekend we have had and finally put up the boys yearly birthday present from Ka-Ka, Pops, Nana, Granddaddy, Mom and Dad.

Let's hope they don't destroy it too soon.

The boys got a haircut.
They got to pick what they wanted.
We waited about 10 minutes after G said he wanted a mohawk to make sure he was sincere... we explained to him what it was and I was informed by him that Tony Stark has this haircut under his Iron Man helmet... I doubt the validity of this, but hey.... he will think what he wants...

D took one look at G's hair and said he didn't want a haircut at all... so he just got trimmed.

And here is a belly pic... from 2 weeks ago at 28 weeks. In the two weeks, my belly button has gone from what you see to totally flat at times.. and about the size of a silver dollar... lol.

Those of you who are taller than 5'4" and have a long torso.. be thankful... and I am jealous.

So what else?
J has been sick since Friday... apparently Bronchitis.

D has been sick since Friday... but he hasn't showed any bad signs and got better really quick.

G has been sick since Friday... tested positive for both the A and B strains of the flu.

I have been lysoling and boiling and scrubbing and sleeping in a completely separate room than all the sickies.... My OB knows about the Flu problem and since I have started my "every two week" appointments, he said he would just check me out Monday to make sure everything was ok with me.... but otherwise.. I am exposed and at this point, not a damn thing he can do for me.

J's cousin had her twins early at 33 weeks due to Pre-eclampsia. Jake was 4lbs, 3oz and Max was 2lbs, 13oz. They are doing well.

I just hit my 30 week mark.... of course, that is also when I hit the "damn, 6-8 weeks from now I will have another boy in this house" point... I promptly ordered more cloth diapers and new pump accessories.... and started looking at new cars.

We decided that eventhough we can technically fit 3 car seats in the back of the CRV, it isn't safe at all. 3 row SUV here we come... we found a 3rd row Ford Explorer with a great price attached.... J wanted to keep our options open.. it sold 2 days later...
So we are still looking.

What we have coming up before Corgan's arrival?
G's birthday party
A shower the church is throwing me.
G starts his soccer season.
Spring Break for G coming and going
Hopefully getting a new car bought.
Hopefully getting our income tax check to help pay off said car.. (we totally got the tax credit for buying and we are totally stoked.
Hopefully get bottles and monitors and a swing bought for Corgan.

then hopefully Corgan will come into this world healthy and happy as we will be to welcome him.

I will try to be better about updating.. but I can't promise anything.