Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holy Crap... I think I might get sick

Listen, with the new year coming like, tomorrow, I have been feeling quite... reminiscent. So I decided to do my "lets get the boys half year pics from Sept and compare them with the half year pics from last year".

Now... We can see everyday in Gavin what a big boy he is getting to be.. but D has always been my baby... like Peter Pan and never to grow up... I have been preparing myself that once the baby gets here that he is going to seem so big and I have been trying to prepare my mind for that.

I didn't expect this...

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo Monsters Monday 1

I am starting a new series on Mondays...


Theme: Pictures the little monsters (aka kids) take with their hammydown camera throughout the week prior...

I will pick out the top 10 of the 50 the memory card will hold. I can't promise anything on content, but I am sure some will be interesting... excuse it ahead of time for the nose picking and crotch grabbing.

Here is your first installment.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Update on D's potty business... and I saved us some big time money

So, it is Day 5 of potty training and I am so very proud of my little man.

By day 3 he was already going to the potty with assistance or a need to tell me to rush him to the potty... he just went on his own.

He has been waking up and going to the potty first thing.

He has basically been taking control of his own potty business and he is doing great!!! I am so proud of him... and Day 4 was the first day WITHOUT A SINGLE ACCIDENT!!!

He has been waking from his naps dry and allowing the urge to wake him and make it to the potty without making a mess.

1 downfall: He has been fighting me tooth and nail to NOT wear a diaper during his naps and at night night.
I don't know when I will have the guts to try this out... maybe a week without incident...

Oh... and the money business...
So we were going to have to buy a new car to fit #3... why? G will be in a booster by 4.. that should allow for enough room in the backseat for a baby seat, right??

Well, have you ever tried to find a no-back booster for a child that is only 30 lbs at 4 years old??

Its harder than you think.

Most of the no-back boosters you see are 40lb to 100lb.

The way it is looking.. Gav will be 7 by the time he hits 40 lbs.


I found one that was rated for a 30lb child!!!!
$18 at Target. This is the first time I have ever seen it!!! And I totally bought it!!!

So for $18 I saved us another car!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Potty Training D day 1

Well, I decided that I want a few months where I am not changing diapers before the baby gets here... so I have been really paying attention to D and his habits... he has been waking up from naps dry and is not too wet at night night.... So I started today to get him working on the potty...

We didn't get to start until about 9:30 and we put a diaper on for his nap at 1:00 and during that time, we only had 1 pee pee accident out of 4 chances and 0 poop accidents out of 1 chance!!!

He woke up from his nap at 4:00 and immediately peed...
and out of another 4 chances of peeing... AND going to a restaurant, NO more accidents!!!

Day #1, I think that is a pretty great potty training day!!!