Monday, April 27, 2009

Last Monday

This is the last Monday I will be on this blog while living in West Tennessee... unless something unforeseen happens.

I am not in the mood to talk to people when they say "OMG are you so excited."

I am not in the mood to talk to people when they say "OMG how sad are you."

I am not in the mood to talk to people who tell me "OMG, your poor mother."

I am not in the mood to talk to people who ask me "what can we do to help with all the moving."

I am just in the the mood.

I want to be left alone right now... forgotten about for the moment.

I just want to get my stuff done without the constant reminder.

I am sorry if this hurts feelings.

Just leave me be for a while. I will talk when I am ready.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, right now, not much is going on around here.
The appraiser came out and he appraised the house for $100.00 more than what we accepted an offer on... he just insisted that singles be replaced... they were and now he is due to drop by and make sure we aren't a big bunch of liars.

Closing has been set for the 29th at 10:30am. No walk thru has been scheduled yet, and my realtor isn't expecting they will schedule one... again, nice but stupid.
Oh well.. not my house anymore... the other family was wanting us to be out before the 1st and actually asked if we could be out before the 1st... I told them no, but promised I would call my realtor if we were.

We know what it is liked to get burned the day of closing and having your entire house in a truck.

G is going to his appointments every week.. this is going to be the last week for all appointments though. He is doing somewhat better. I made him weighted blanket to help and it has.. a lot.

Sorry today is so boring.
Hugs... Love you all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Our April keeps getting busier and busier.

Take out the house selling/closing/moving3hoursaway... our April is full of appointments, dates, cookouts, bridal showers, get-togethers.

Last week we had something every day...
This week is all the same... granted, 3 of those days are appointments for what G says is his "head doctor".... then 1 day is MY "head doctor".... he just needs to fork over the scrip of Valium and let me move right along with my day THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

*He can't write scrips but he is insisting I go to a doc and ask for it... now, I have issues, but I also have issues with LOOKING like a drug addict.
Can you imagine..
Me: Yes, I need a prescription for 2mg of Valium please.
Doc: uhhhh, no.
Me: Please, my council says I need one.
Doc: uh huh.
Me: Seriously... I am not a druggie looking for a fix.
Doc: oh.. ok.
Me: So, am I getting the scrip?
Doc: uh.. no... but that will be 4 billion dollars for the appointment.

OHOHOH.. the buyers have decided to waive an inspection. They would rather do a walk thru. WHOOOHOO. Stupid.. but, nice. We are just now waiting on the appraisal report and if that is good, a walk thru will be scheduled, closing will be set up and we will be on our way.

Anyways, I will keep swimmin'.

In the meantime I will continue my Twilight obsession and Hatchlings obsession... while trying to pack and dreading J's upcoming 3 day trip out of town the week before we move...

My new favorite quote...
"I opened my eyes and found his open, too, staring at my face. It made no sense when he looked at me that way. Like I was the prize rather than the outrageously lucky winner."

Thank you Hottie McVampHottie.

Monday, April 13, 2009

We hope you had a Happy Easter

We did.

Nana and granddaddy joined us at church and then we all went to Granny's and hunted Easter eggs... the boys had a blast...

D was so not wanting his picture taken... and G wanted to pose where I was taking the side of him...

they are weird...

OH.. and you might catch a glimpse at the new do.... he asked me what color I wanted... I told him blue... he "didn't have it".. right.
**Please ignore the fact that I need makeup.. my eyebrows done.. and a face lift.

and I spent the afternoon yesterday while all 3 boys were sleeping, drawing out our house plans to scale... we left it on the bar to 'think about it' for a few days before scanning it in and sending it to the builder....

Woke up this morning and it is unreadable. Cat puked on it.
Maybe they didn't like it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spider Monkey

When D was born, he had a head full of hair... the same hair that never had an end.. it continued onto his face down to his eyebrows in the form of dark peach fuzz... at that point, I called him my spider monkey.

2 years later... me calling him spider monkey has a totally different meaning.

I can't get past his playing with his poop phase..
yesterday consisted of a monkey bath because of him smearing his poop all over himself.

This morning when I woke with G, I heard D talkin' in the monitor... I heard the words "Poop all gone" over and over.

What first popped into my head made me gag...

"Did he just eat his poop?... great, another call to poison control."

Thankfully he hadn't.. he just took it all out of his diaper via the back of the pants and shoved it all between the bed and the wall...


I would love for him to really get past this stage.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RANDOM... aren't you excited

So, the contract is still intact and we are continuing to head into moving... keep praying that nothing goes wrong.
We spent Friday night and all day Saturday looking at houses... we found nothing we were happy with... nothing...

So we spent all day Sunday looking at lots. We are right now still debating between 2 lots to build a house on.... of course, building won't start until after we close, and building should take 3-4 months... during that time we will be living with Ka-Ka and Pops.... it will help us save for closing costs on the new house. We are getting really excited... now all I have to do is finish up the building plans.

Lot #1:
1.7 acres. $39,500. Not very many property restrictions.. but couuuuuuuuuu-ntry! I love it.

Lot #2:
.9 acres. $42,000. More restrictions on building.. expensive building restrictions.. in a cove in an established neighborhood... would be great for resale.

G went in for his Sensory Integration evaluation... I have not gotten the formal results of the evaluation, but the OT said that she feels like he does have Mild (Level I) Sensory Integration/Processing Disorder.. she calls it Sensory Defensiveness. She has given me some things to do before he goes to bed and when he gets in his wild mode... I am going to have to read more to really understand what we are dealing with... but we will work through it. We see her every week until we move, then we are going to have to get hooked up with an OT in Middle Tennessee to continue on the therapy.

When I learn more about it.. I will explain it. What she did say was that G was more of high functioning than anything... almost for someone who didn't see him on a daily basis like me would just consider him "picky", "oversensitive", "over-reactive" and "controlling".


I want to start packing up the house.. but I put so much in storage when getting the house on the market and staging.. that there really isn't much to pack.. lol... I guess I just need to start separating the things we don't need while living with Ka-Ka and Pops.


D is finally over his upper resp. infection. And feeling so much better. Thank goodness.


Oh.. when we were out an about this weekend.. we kept coming across this same country store/gas station... it was cute... but 1 thing I noticed every time was that it was being visited by 2 wild turkeys.. they hung out mostly by the gas pumps... it was hilarious to me... not every you see this.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 46

Today hits 46 days the house has been on the market.

Today is also the day we accepted a contract on the house. They are giving us our asking price if we help them with closing costs. There is not any contingencies on the contract and they are ready to get it done.

April 29th will mark our closing day and we have to be out by May 1st.

Nervousness and excitement and mourning all in one big fat emotion.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I walked out of the bathroom and G has his play phone in his hand...
G: shhhh... pops and ka-ka pone
Me: Oh, you are talking to Pops and Ka-Ka on the phone?
G: yeah
*a few minutes later
G: I doone
Me: Are Pops and Ka-Ka doing good?
G: Pops come-in Mama's house
Me: Oh, Pops is coming to my house?
G: yeah.
Me: Well.. ok.


G: Mama... doingggggggg?
Me: laundry

G: Mama... doingggggggg?
Me: cleaning

*yeah.. that is his new thing.


*G was dragging Phoenix around by the collar around the house...
Me: G, what are you doing?
G: Peenis (yeah.. that is how he says it) go Nana's house
Me: Why are you taking Phoenix to Nana's house?
G: Mama clean.. Daddy drive Mama's car.
Me: This showing this house is getting to you too huh.
G: yeah



*G is a very clean eater... he is sometimes obsessive about it.
**He also is sometimes very obsessive about D being clean about eating... which is a losing battle... that is the last thing D is worried about when he is eating...

G:*cry*sob*whine* MAMA... D MESS... D MESS!!!
Me: Baby.. worry about you, I will worry about D... he is fine if he makes a mess...
Me: I will handle it son.
Me: G, just because D is a messy eater, it doesn't give you the right to hit him.

***House update...
2 different couples are considering the house... couple #1 is extremely anal according to the realtor.. like needs medicine OCD... he even had a roofer come out and check out the roof. The scheduled a second showing for Tuesday night.
Couple #2 just inquired about the average MLGW bill... but ???
We will see.