Monday, June 30, 2008

A good tired

Well, what a busy few days we have had. Driving to Cookeville, visiting with all the family and friends there on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday... then to Nashvegas to visit friends and family there Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. and headed back to Memphis on Sunday.

SHOOOO. We are beat, but it is a good tired. It is always good for the boys to spend time with their great-great-grandmother, because really, who can say they did spend time with their 2nd great grandmother? She threw the ball with them and held them while she skimmed through pictures on the computer. She just loves seeing them. And she asked, like she does each and every time, "Can you just leave the little one [D] with me." Its hard when we leave, because she cries, but it is worth going to see her.

Every time we go to Cookeville, we try to figure out what we could do to make money and live there. We love it. It is a college town, but also where alot of people go to retire. It is small, quiet, and so much to do outside. But, we can never think of anything. So, it always falls to the waste side. meh.

The boys got a new trampoline from their Mammie (great grandmother). I will have to post pics when I get it up. Mammie always loads them up on toys and clothes.

Besides seeing Pops, Kaka, Uncle B, great grandparents and great great grandmother, the also got to visit with our buds. It was good to see Joe and Matt in Cookeville and visit Saturday night with Steph and Jay. I gotta figure out a way to live closer to Steph and Jay and still have all the comforts of my family close here in Memphis. meh

And get this.. with all this going on.. and with camera fully charged and taken.. I took NO pictures.. I suck.

Hugs to everyone..


Jessica said...

How cool that they have a great-great grandmother!!! I didn't even know 1 of my grandparents or any of my great grandparents! My bro lives in Cookeville. It is a cool place!

Emmilu said...

awww.. good picture!! Glad you had a nice time!

Joye said...

Sweet pic. They are all so happy