Thursday, November 26, 2009

For Aunt Jenny

Click THIS for the link to the cat door.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I stole this whole post...

I snatched this entire post from my cousin Carrie.
You can do the same from me if you want.

Learn 50 things about your friends, and let them learn 50 things about you!

1) Favorite object in your room? my snuggie
2) Have you ever been drunk? Yes
3) Do you own guns? my husband does
4) What flavor do you add to your coffee? Chocolate creamer
5) Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? nopers
6) What do you think of hot dogs? I really have to be in the mood
7) Favorite song? Silent Lucidity
8) What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Pepsi or coffee
9) Can you do push ups? not many
10) Can you drive a stick? yes.. and I miss mine
11) What's your favorite piece of jewelry? my wedding ring
12) What is your favorite pizza topping? mushrooms, ham, pineapple
13) Ever been in a car wreck? yes
14) would you rather cook or eat out? eat out
15) What's one trait that you hate about yourself? very little self-esteem
16) What's your middle name? Elizabeth
17) How many kids do you want? 4 but we are stopping at 3
18) Name 3 things you bought yesterday. milk, bread, dinner
19) Name 3 drinks you drink regularly? Pepsi, coffee, OJ
20) Do you enjoy your work? Yes
21) Current hate right now? my broken tooth
22) Do your friends love you? I sure hope so.
23) How do you celebrate St. Patricks Day? remember the day
24) Where would you like to be right now? In bed sleeping
25) Name three people who will complete this? Can't do that
26) Do you have any weird habits? grit my teeth.
27) What shirt are you wearing? Christian Brother's Masters of Engineering T-shirt
28) Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No!
29) Can you whistle? I suck in to whistle... thats the only way I can.
30) What will you be doing in a year from now? buying Christmas for 3 boys!!
31) Would you be a pirate? no
32) What songs do you sing in the shower? I don't.
33) Favorite season? Spring
34) Favorite day of the week? Saturday.
35) What is in your pocket(s)? No pockets
36) Last person that made you laugh? Dylan
37) Best toy as a child? Glow worm
38) Worst injury you've ever had? torn ACL, PCL, MCL, and cartlidge
39) Do you love where you live? definitely
40) Do you get along with your family? yeppers
41) Who is your loudest friend? Liz
42) How many dogs do you have? 2
43) Does someone have a crush on you? Hope hubby does
44) How many cats do you own? 2
45) What are you gonna do this weekend? Parents and brother are coming in town!!!
46) Favorite ice cream? World Class Chocolate
47) What is your favorite thing from mcdonalds? Egg McMuffin
48) Where is the next place you want to travel to? Da' Beach
49) What were you doing at 12 AM this morning? sleeping
50) What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? I don't wanna

Ok it's your turn! It really doesn't take too long if you just copy and paste...then erase my answers and add yours.

Let's Play A Game

Comment on this post and name anything in my life you'd like to see a photo of! It can be where I sleep, my favorite things, the view from my living room window...anything!

On Sunday I will make a picture post showing you all of the things in my world you are interested in seeing!

If you decide to play along please leave me a link to your blog so I can follow along!!

Monday, November 23, 2009



I went to Ka-Ka, Nana, Tracy, and Jenny to watch New Moon on Friday at 10am. I loved it! It rocked! Of course, I am prolly considered a Twihard, so I guess it doesn't count what I think. I do think it is better made than Twilight.. I will say that. And I think they set it up great for people to want to rush to see Eclipse... which comes out June 10th.... yes, it is already on my calendar.

D is sooo not wanting to potty train. He goes to the potty and actually does something once in a blue moon. I know he has to be ready, because he is waking from 3 hour naps dry. The boy just doesn't care about being wet or dirty... but he is HATING diaper changes... so I guess that is something in our favor.

G has cut out his naps. *sigh* Enough said, right.

The docs and nurses keep asking if I am feeling any flutters or movement at all.. NOPERS... I was starting to worry, especially since I saw in the last ultrasound how much that little man moves... then I saw the ultrasound tech type in "placenta-anterior"...
I guess little bit will spend this pregnancy kicking his nutrients rather than me.

I have started the process of going through all the baby stuff we have... You would think with as organized as I am, I would have sold things more consistently... why do I have 3 changing pad covers.. but no changing pad?? Very weird.

Half my Christmas cards have gone out.. half have not and you have NO idea how much that bugs me. But at least I am almost done with the shopping and wrapping!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Impromptu Ultrasound

I had a 15 week, 1 day impromptu ultrasound today to check on the blood clot issue I had a couple of weeks ago.

No more clot to report!!!
No more pelvic rest!!!

And we DID find out the sex.

What the ultrasound tech said to convince me??
"That looks like a big ding-a-ling to me.. doesn't it you?"


Our 3rd little boy is on his way.

Now for your job...
find a name with these specifications that is cute and will fit in well with Gavin and Dylan.

1) Musical relation (i.e. GAVIN Rossdale, Bob DYLAN)
2) 5 letters long
3) ends in an 'n'
4) 2 syllables

NOW... GO!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stand by me

Many of us have seen the movie... and many of us to come up with 1 scene that was memorable...


Of course, it sticks with you all day when it occurs in your own kitchen at 7am.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Are you kidding me?

is crazy.

NO... not the horrible decision that these young parents had to make... even though, that, without question, SUCKED...

After the article... read the comments summited... I will wait.

NOW... just the first several got to me.
Are so many people without God in their life?
Do people really use the tragedy of an infant to justify their ideas that God doesn't exist?

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not what some call a "Bible beater"... that I am not... but this blows me away.

When the death of two of my very beautiful and cherished infants came to pass, I prayed to that same God that so many question and thanked him for allowing me the moments I had with them. I thanked him for allowing me to be their mother and even though I can never understand why they were taken so young, I am completely comfortable in stating two simple facts: 1) it is not something for me to understand, and 2) God knows when everyone's time is up and theirs were after accomplishing on earth what they were sent here to accomplish and everyone should be so lucky.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

House Update finale

I have gotten several request on final pics of the house.... I took pics and just uploaded.. there were 51 so I am just going to put some... not all... put I will try to do the best I can of showing you everything...
First.. the final look at the house. You can't see them, but I have 3 blueberry and 3 raspberry bushes in the front flower beds. The grass, as shot up, it was seeded with fescue and strawed and has exploded.

One last shot from the very back of the property looking at the back of the house.

When you walk in the front door, you come straight into the Gathering Room. It was originally going to be the main living room, but we have found we spend very little time here... Only when we have company and want peace and quiet to talk...

You can go a couple of places from here. You can go to the half bath located off the room... you can go left and delve directly into the Master bedroom, or you can go to one of the two entrances into the kitchen.

Lets go through the Master bedroom first... this starts a whole new maze. You walk through the Master bedroom into the Master bath, which leads you into the private office and walk in closet AND the private covered patio off the office.

Ok... lets go back out to the Gathering Room.
You can go into the kitchen on either side of those two columns you previously saw.... either way, you are still in the kitchen.

You can see that those columns you saw on the living room side, are actually double pantries on the kitchen side. The Island contains the dishwasher and sink.

Now, where to go from here?
You can go to the deck...

Or to the laundry/Mud Room.... which leads to the garage OR the deck...

Ok... we will go up the stairs...

Now, right now we are officially in the family room, but the best picture comes from the top of the stairs that lead FROM the family room to the upstairs bedrooms...

Now turn around and look in the family room... where we spend 90% of our time.

Ok.. lets turn on our heal and head down a long hallway.. first door is nursery...
not showing pic because it is basically a storage area right now.. then the 2nd door is a door in the bathroom... yes, A door.. the boys bathroom has 3 doors... 1 door to nursery, 1 door to their room and 1 door leading to the hallway... so the 3rd door down the hallway is the boys room.. which is just left of the guest room (Jenny was presently sleeping there when I was taking pics).. you will notice I didn't mention the lone door on the right side of the hallway,.. that is the door to the attic.. with a keyed deadbolt might I add.

So that is it... thats the house.
One last thing.. some of my favorite things in the house...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am losing it.. hahaha

ok.. So I haven't posted because I didn't have the pictures uploaded from my camera because I have lost my cord that attaches the camera to the computer... then today, after weeks, I realized... "maybe the I put a memory card in the camera"....

the pictures and videos were uploaded within minutes.

I am an idiot or losing it.

So what has been going on??

1) We moved in the house!!!! We are so excited and have stayed so busy with it and so absolutely happy with it!! I will take pictures now that I know they can be uploaded!


3) The pregnancy... well, if you know me well enough, you know things can't be just normal. Last week I started getting a lot of pain then a couple of days after the pain started, I started spotting. That of course scared the crap out of us, so I hit the ER... after an ultrasound, which by the way the baby looked very happy, it was discovered I had a subchorionic hematoma that was trying to bleed itself out. After clots and some more blood, it looks like it all has stopped. I talked to my doc and since I already had an appointment set for the 18th, we are just going to keep that and maybe add an ultrasound (which I am pretty much going to insist on) to see if the clot/hematoma is gone.

4) Oh.. and as I am trying to take the meds and rest like the doc said... a cold has seemed to have settled into my chest and sinuses. THANK GOODNESS Ka-Ka and Pops decided and helped out by taking the boys for the weekend and gave me some much needed rest.