Thursday, February 26, 2009

He's got a mouth on him

G has exploded with words. All of a sudden he has started talking in sentences and carrying on conversations either with himself or me. His imagination has just grown and he is turning into such a big boy...

With that said...

He is also rude/funny/sassy/sharp...

I love hearing it and I laugh a lot of the day now.

example 1)
We were getting ready for our nap and he had his book already picked out...

Me: G, go potty then we will read.

*I will give him the benefit of the doubt he didn't hear me*

Me: G, go potty before you take a nap

*He immediately drops the book on his toe.

Me: Aww, let me kiss it. Better?
G: NO.

*He proceeded to the urinal and turned to look at me.

G: Owie foot boo boo
Me: I know baby.. I'm sorry
G: Yea, me too.

example 2)
We had just got finished showering. D was dressed and running around like a chicken with his head cut off and I was getting G out of the shower and getting him dried off. He was laying on a towel on the floor and D comes running in...





G: (in the loudest voice he could manage) WHAT??!! LEAVIN' ME LONE!!


And he newest favorite phrases to me include but not limited to...
"Gettin' off me!!"
"I NO like you"
"Leavin' me lone!"
"No want you, want dadda!!"
"I got you now!!"
"Psst, mommy, psst"
"D, lightin'.. me, chick hick... *as he is ramming him* CRASH!!!"

And just think.. we try to teach these kids to talk.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I fear...

There are sometimes I fear what my children will have to learn in this day in time. I fear for their faith, their heart, their life, their self-esteem, their freedom.. (not that I THINK one or both of my children would go to jail... but just fearing here... and keeping a close eye on G)

I mean, the world has become totally different since we were just itty bitty babies... and you look at the world now and it is totally difficult to NOT grow up loony.

Then I fear a spouse for them.
And what that significant other will influence on them.
And what their inlaws will influence on them.

Then my fear of what little girls are growing up to appreciate these days.
(*courtesy of

Playboy... at 12?
At 12 all I had heard of was "Tomboy".

Oh, that's right... there was not a reality show of Hugh Hefner's triplet double D's when I was 12.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sorry in advance...

But I am feeling very reminiscent.

Crazy day.. fun day.. memorable day.. but not one ounce of regret.

Pre-kids... ahhh those where the days..

Yes... I miss it.

Ah... before D got really really fussy...

ahh... before G could do.... anything except for sit.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The House

Ok.. we put it up on the market on Monday, sign hit the yard on Wednesday (same time as a foreclosure 3 doors down) and


The answering/scheduling service called Saturday during the boys nap and let me know that a Realtor wanted to show the house Sunday between 6-6:30.

I began to wig out.

J was in Utah for the weekend, and my mom was ordered to take the weekend off of everything...

I had been to Ole Time Pottery that morning to get some "staging" stuff.
shooo one sigh of relief.

I made a 2nd list for Lowe's while the boys napped and once they got up I fed them and we headed to Lowes... we got home right about time for the boys to go down for the evening.

I ended up caulking, painting the kitchen ceiling, changing chandelier in the kitchen, changed all the knobs throughout the house, painted ceiling in the garage (part of it at least), changed light fixture in guest bathroom, changed towel rack in guest bathroom, changed toliet paper holder in guest bathroom, changed light switches and outlets and replaced their covers, and changed the door knob in the guest bathroom.

Then I scrubbed the house and staged it.

Then I cleaned where my middle 4 legged child is showing his "I am so NOT HAPPY ABOUT ALL THESE CHANGES" attitude.

Thankfully my dad got off work for the first day in like a month (they have had them working 12 hours/7 days) and him and my mom took the boys around noon.

I left the house with the dogs at 5:55 to go over to my mom's and eat and pick up the kids.

Then Sasha spilled 2 whole Pepsi's all over my car, because she is a 60lb tit baby. I think the leaf that blew up on the car was more scared of her.

We go home at about 8:30 to find a response of feedback already on my email!!!

"My client liked the house but not his first choice. Still thinking and may want to bring his parents back sometime this week. Thanks for letting me show."

We are second to what I just found out was a house on the pond/lake in Stonebridge.

I guess that is good for the first time showing.

I thing my realtor is optimistic because on every email she says "he hasn't made up his mind yet". But we are not getting our hopes up. I mean, it was the first showing.

I will tell you a secret though...

After all this stuff we have done to this house... I totally want to buy a "fixer-upper" for our next house and completely remodel it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poor little buddy

So, for the past couple of weeks, D has been extremely fussy... and he is now 2, we are trying to get him out of the "WAHHHHHH" mode and get him to express his frustrations with words.
He throws fits and just being whiney.

He now goes in the corner if he wants to whine. He can come out when he dries it up.

You might think this is harsh... but he whining and crying about NOTHING have become constant.

We don't deal with fits.. so throw it in the corner by yourself!!

And it stops him pretty quick.

Now, this week, he has been fussy more than usual... and he won't stop... and I didn't get it at all... he was living in the corner.
Even with the unusually messy diapers and the very low grade temp he started running, I figured his sinuses were getting to him.

Then when the small burping up of milk came... I just hoped he wasn't getting that stomach bug going around.

then I was talking to my mom... and I realized, everyone else sees my kids as babies still... I guess I don't...

Because I never thought about the fact that he could be cutting his 2 year, very painful, make you feel like crap, molars.

He is.

I feel like a heel.

2 have just popped through and the others are working on it.

Sorry little buddy.. I suck.
I guess I just need to always see you as a itty bitty baby.

Friday, February 20, 2009


*For those of you who tried to create a photo book, it seems some are having trouble with the code not taking. I do think it has to deal with you having an account. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.*

I am tired and don't feel like writing a whole lot today.

I could write about time out for the fussy youngest come to find out, he was being that way for a reason and I had no idea... now I feel big ole guilt.
I could write about "tookin' a take" part duex that occurred very early this morning...

But you just get a pic of the boys new trick.

* I could not possibly stage D like I did G.. he is so random.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Go to

make a 8x8 photobook with 20 pages and a photo cover

enter the code: PHOTOBOOKS when ordering.

all you pay is shipping.

$29.99 book for the $8 you pay for shipping.

I love these photobooks.

I just made one and ordered it entitled "Brotherly Love".


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Tookin my Take" puts me back on the couch

It feels tedious to go over the details.

Vinegar, sprinkles, flour, sugar, measuring cups, icing, cupcake cups, and beef bouillon.

You get the idea.

The boys saw his birthday invites I am about to send out... through the night found the decorations...
He was just helping by "TOOKING MY TAKE!!!"
With vinegar and beef bouillon apparently...
and without icing because he had eaten that just straight away.

I guess it is back to the couch.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random.. yet again

We have been so busy with getting this house sell ready.... but you know what.. we are done... it is on the market... it is on and a sign should be in the yard today.
Lets hope it sells quickly. Lets hope that it doesn't take many evacuations of 4 humans and 4 animals to get someone to buy.
Now... maintenance mode.

My mom and Tra have been such big helps with getting the house ready... they have spent many of days painting, and cleaning and all of that. I love them for it... I could never repay it.

I found out that a friend of mine has been waiting until we could get together to tell me she was pregnant... she wanted to surprise me and some more soccer buds...

she is due in 10 weeks.
She LOOKS like she is like 20 weeks.
She looked wonderful.

We finally did our income taxes and got them submitting and those funds should be hitting our savings account soon. I love income tax time.

I almost had round 3 of the plumber coming out.... and I caught the culprit wet handed too.
He had push and flushed 1 rag... he was going for a second.
Thankfully... it came out with the plumbing snake.


Speaking of snakes....

The oldest wants one... a real one for his birthday.
We are going to take him to a pet store to handle one to see if it is a for real want.
and yes, if it is, we are considering it... We might let Nana buy one for him.... WITH a few ground rules.
1) it is a CAPTIVE BREED ONLY Ball Python that is a baby when we get it.
2) it comes with everything it needs... including a double locking aquarium.
3) I can't be responsible what happens if it touches me.
4) I want it to be fed frozen mice... not a real one that will squeak when captured.
5) The boys do NOT get to watch it eat.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Ninja is getting ballsy

Last night putting the boys down was typical. D goes down and is almost happy to be back in bed, and G fights begging for various things like having to pee, water, dada.. whatever so he doesn't have to go to bed.
After a few punishments for getting out of bed, he seems to have settled in the monitor and nothing happened for all of 10 minutes... this usually tells us he is good to go to sleep.
So at that point, we began some trim painting in our bedroom and bathroom. We bring the monitors in there with us, but overall, hear nothing out of them. After about an hour of trim painting... I decide to take a break... and so does J.

J walked into the kitchen first...


He had tried to make alot of coffee
Opened several of the spare goodie bags left over from the birthday party
Gotten a few cups down for a drink
and... this.

He was covered and sticky.
He was multicolored.
He did something I had always dreamed of... one bite of everything JUST TO SEE if it taste different.

He was put to bed and me and J were left scratching our heads cleaning the kitchen.
Yes, we had forgotten to turn the alarm system on his door on. And we discovered that the monitor he has doesn't alert you went he turns it off at the base...
And I officially hate having a split bedroom house.
And I am going to take the Pedi advice and get THIS.

After putting G back down... we were cleaning and just trying to wrap our brains around the fact that he did this while we were awake and in the house...
J broke the silence
"You know, he is getting really observant"
'Why do you say that?'
"Well, as much sugar as he poured out, he sure knows how his momma likes her coffee."
'A funny!! Nice'

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Parties all weekend

We celebrated D turning 2, but J and I also went to a surprise party for one of my best friends, Kim. She turned 30 and her inlaws threw here a surprise 70's party.

She was shocked and surprised.
She loved it.
And I love her... hope she had a great one.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday, February 7th

My widdle biddy buddy turned 2.

As in.. I have 2, 2 year olds right now.

And he is totally acting like a big boy already.

And he was blessed with tons of great gifts.. mostly opened by his brother.. but all in all.. he enjoyed them.

I am totally looking forward to the next year to see what comes.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time for another random

Emmilu - 3 men in the house.. sometimes is very fun... other times you are in real need for a female conversation. Call me and we will take advantage of each other in that way. We can talk making baby food and cloth diapers.
Just get use to fart laughing times 3.


I never thought this phrase would ever in a million years come out of my mouth, but I will say it...

"I was awaken from my morning to sleep in to a grown man singing 'can you teach my alligator manners' at the top of his lungs in a high pitched, ear bleeding tone... but it woke me laughing".


I just recently uploaded pics from the camera... there was 2 videos of my label maker.... like 3-4 minute videos... of just my label maker.
I didn't take them.
J didn't take them.
But we are not going to point blame... but I have to GUESS it was part of someone's late night adventures.


Speaking of G (believe me.. we were talking about him)... *knock on wood* he has not come out of his room and played in 2 weeks... he hasn't TRIED to come out and play in about 5 days...
progress maybe...

And speaking of progress.... for 2 years we have been consistently taking the boys to the nursery at church, or to the class that they need to be in... either way, every Sunday, within 15 minutes of them going in, we have a worker coming to find us out of the sermon to come get our crazed children because of various reasons;
1) they are trying to get out and are letting other children out.
2) he is making himself sick crying
3) he just won't stop crying
4) he just refuses to stay

It has been so frustrating...
But guess what??
Out of the blue last Sunday, G decided that he wanted to be in there.. didn't cry.. didn't try to get out, and didn't want to leave when we came to get him....
It shocked us so bad.. it was worrying us.. but definitely not enough to stop it.


The lady that just had the octuplets... and already had 6, including twins, at home... in her 2 bedroom home that she shares with her parents... because she is single and is obsessed with babies (according to the grandmother) and convinced a doctor to give her extreme fertility treatments... and she is only 33 years old... and is apparently crazy...

People like her piss me off... and her momma should have slapped her long ago.


Did you know putting a new coat of paint and changing the trim can really change the look of a house.. like completely different...


The fact that all 24 digits are working is what makes go "wow". But didn't Goliath have 6 digits on each hand and foot too?
1 Chronicles 20:6
And yet again there was war at Gath, where was a man of great stature, whose fingers and toes were four and twenty, six on each hand, and six on each foot and he also was the son of the giant.


Can't believe this was over 2 years ago...


G has been denied by Early Intervention... no delayed enough.

D on the other hand, by my surprised, has been accepted. Apparently his communication and cognitive levels are at least 25% delayed.

I am shocked.

He is chatty Cathy... but apparently that is not good enough.

My biggest concern is his cognitive levels being so delayed... that is what engineers like me thrive on and having him delayed bugs me a bit...

ok.. maybe not so shocked.

Monday, February 2, 2009

He is really gettin' there

You all have read G's antics...

I have a feeling D's stories are on their way.

As I am fixing the boys a snack, I heard a weird noise... needing to be checked out type, but for some reason I froze in a 'what is that.. let's figure this out' mindset and as I am listening in a mind panic, I was not moving.. just standing trying to figure it out in my head...

then I saw it.

D... on the bar... emptying my new cracked open Pepsi all over the couch and new floor...

Oh.. he so totally got in trouble and he heard about it the entire 10 minutes it took me to wipe up and get the 'stickiness' off the floor.

He is turning into G and that just might kill me.