Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let's make a deal

I have really started getting fed up with the whole G walking around naked all the time. See, when he is naked, he is great about going to the potty. I mean wonderful. I know he knows when he needs to go pee or poop. He gets out of the pool to do it eventhough he has on a swimming.
Now, when he will wear a diaper their are only the occasional times when he ask to go with a diaper on.

I figure he feels like a diaper is his lazy pants... So yesterday I made him a deal..

G, if you go all day without an accident and you go to the potty everytime you need to, and wash your hands like a big boy.. I will have a surprise for you when you wake up from your nap.

He woke and I took off his nap diaper and he went pee pee.. I gave him his surprise.

He saw his new big boy undies and said in such excitement "DADA.. MOMMA"
Yes G, momma and dada where big boys undies just like this. Now, we don't want to get this dirty or wet, so you go to the potty when you need.. you can't got potty in these.

He is so absolutely proud of himself.

Now, we haven't ventured out of the house in big boy underwear, so they are still only for home during the day NOT when we are sleeping...
But we are getting there.


Joye said...

Congrats on the big boy underwear! hahaha He does look proud

Emmilu said...

yea!! Good work!

Casey and Amy Bough said...

That's too cute!! How are you doing? In an earlier post, you said you went to Shelley's wedding? Was it Shelley Barnett? I would love to see pictures. I bet she was a beautiful bride. TAke care.