Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh my knees

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving long weekend.

We spent it putting in about 270 sq.ft. of ceramic tile and 520 sq.ft. of hardwood flooring. Jealous? Don't be. So while J and I pulled up linoleum, scraped adhesive, tiled, grouted, pulled up old hardwood and carpet, scraped more adhesive, popped carpet crap off the floor, laid the hardwood, cut, cut, and more cuts, and then put down new toe-molding, Nana and granddaddy helped out by keeping the boys and Ka-ka and Pops called continuously on stand-by offering to help... all of which was greatly appreciated.

We totally underestimated Murphy's Law.
We totally underestimated our trust in MLGW to keep our electricity going. (for some reason, our neighborhood decided to have a couple of outages for hours at a time.
We totally underestimated our ages and how they would play out...

I totally underestimated how bad of shape my knees are really in.

Back story:
6th grade - first knee surgery on right knee. Bone spurs and cartilage removal. Up and going in a few months and not may problems from then on.

16th birthday...
I got my license and from the drivers license place, dropped off my dad, picked up my best friend and went straight to our basketball game... got put in, and 8 seconds into my playing time, went for a lay up and SNAP. Left knee. Completely torn ACL, PCL, MCL, and partially torn cartilage. Surgery, missed softball season, finally driving again (I had a 5 speed) after 2 months, and catching in softball again after 5 months of physical therapy.

17 years old - Left knee surgery #2. Softball size piece of scar tissue built up inside knee and rest of cartilage removed. Up and going again within a month. This was caused by one lone softball game... in east Tennessee... my parents basically carried me off the field. I had never been in this much pain.

Since, I have not had many problems. I quit all the ball playing when I was 19 and my activity level has dropped quite a bit since.

Then this weekend came.
And I had to stay on my knees for 4 days basically. 18 hours straight on Saturday actually. (6am to midnight).

Have you ever been in so much pain, that you shiver.. like you are cold, but not cold, just in pain?


Friday, November 21, 2008

We had to sit and talk

G.. you know, when we call you 'skinny minny' we are not trying to be mean, right?

And you are more handsome than anyone in the whole world... you know that right?

And when dad talks about 'bulking' you up, it has nothing to do with how absolutely beautiful you are, right?

Then is it ingrained in boys or something that you felt the need to 'pack your pants'?

Seriously, 5 pairs is just overdoing it baby...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That makes it all so much better

With D and G both going through this "OMGAREYOUKIDDINGMERIGHTNOW, HAVEYOULOSTYOURMIND" stages at the same time...

Things can get somewhat.. frazzled with me.

There are days I know J just dreads to come home.. not knowing what the day has brought me and subsequently brought him at the end of his "JOB" (I so channeled Bill Engvall there... "you know what happened at THIS house today while you were at your so called "JOB")... hehe

But I digress.

I see it in J's face sometimes when things I consider, little, happened and he goes all daddy Kung Fu on whatever it is. Like last night, I know the dogs are hovering around the table during supper.. I mean, they are use to the boys feeding them various things they don't want.
The only thing my picky eater G wanted last night for dinner was his bread... and he insisted on going to the living room with J (since he was done eating) and all he wanted to take was his bread... he got down off the chair, clutching his bread, and wham
there was a dog in his face
bread in dogs face
dog assumed he was being fed bread
dog ate bread
G threw a tantrum
J screamed
dog went outside yet satisfied with a bite of bread
J continues to mumble
"taking a babies bread.. that is just wrong"

I laughed my butt off.
J didn't appreciate it.

But to me, it was a little thing.

During the day, most of it is revolved around putting kids in the corner, listening to fits, fights, and then NOT sleeping in the monitor. By the end of the day, my nerves are shot, my attitude is not too perky, and just a run to Walgreens is like a dream vacation.

Today started like one in the same.
On one of the many rounds of corner time, I get the boys out of the corner and they have to listen to why they were put there and tell me they won't do it again and give me a hug and a kiss while I tell them how much I love them.

One instance today got me.
I was getting G out of the corner
"Do you know why you got in trouble?"
"Because you got up on the cabinet, didn't you. That is a nono! If you get on the cabinet again, you will go back to the corner. Do you understand?"
before I get "I love you baby with all my heart" out of my mouth, he starts to hug me and whispers in my ear..
"Loe you mommy"

It has made for the best day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Calling all Plumbers: The Second Coming

I don't have it dictated in this blog, but earlier this year, we had to have a plumber come out to get our toliet unstopped.
THAT time it turned out that the little pee pee cup that is on the front of a potty chair for little boys, had been removed and flushed. The plumber had to take off the toliet to be able to remove it... not bad, it only cost us $138.00.

Fast forward to yesterday.
G has been pretty adament about not letting ME in the bathroom when he goes. It is not a big deal... he does a good job and very very rarely he forgets to "tuck" and soaks the bathroom. But, he will let D in there. I guess it is because I am girl or something.
Well, after a certain bathroom break, I just knew they were now playing because they had been in there an awful long time. I go in there and G is just flushing flushing away and nothing is going away and he is getting ticked. I see D standing in the corner and just knew in my heart that D had put something in the toliet when G was peeing and now.. it is stuck.
I plunged a few times, nothing
I stuck a wire hanger down there and could not really feel anything.
I feared the worse: A ball, the perfect size, is stuck and they are going to have to sell me new pipes or a new toliet.

I called the plumber. He said coming out to unstick a toy out of a toliet is a pretty common occurance.
"have you tried a toliet lock"
"yep, we had one on the last time we called you.. it obviously didn't help and plus, my oldest needs complete access to the toliet"
"Is he autistic?"
"no, why"
"Parents of autistic children are my biggest customers. The autistic children are bad about wanting to see their toy go round and round. Once they discover it, it is hard to stop them."
"I have a feeling my youngest did it behind my oldest bad... He is just hard headed."

This time they had to take the toliet off again... and found it... the culprit, the object to show fault... when they called me to come see, I grabbed D because I knew it was going to have to be a lesson right then...

We go and see. My reaction:


Apparently he had flushed his underwear.

100% in front of the plumbers.
"Gavin.. Did you flush your underwear."
"THAT is a no-no. You know better than that."
"Wet. wearwear wet."
"What do you do with your underwear if you don't want to wear then anymore??"
*He came and grabbed them and put them in the dirty clothes hamper
"Don't you ever flush anything down the potty except for toliet paper!!! Do you understand me."
"Look what you have made these men do by flushing your underwear. We don't want to ever do that again.. right?"
"yea ma'am"

He was 100% embrassed and humiliated and I hope it does the job.
Another $138.00

I went and gave D some big and loving hugs and kisses because he was secretly the one being blamed... apparently just an innocent bystander.
I do feel bad for that.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I don't blog about a recent pedi appointment, because I don't want to get started...

you get some randoms things that are being said... *I see you roll your eyes* and no, not more cuss words.

While watching The Jungle Book the other day, I got this commentary:

*Dear Mowgli, Baloo can't find you and would like to know where you are*

G:"OH NO!!! OH NO!!! NO KA NO KA!!"
*Oh Kaa, please don't hurt poor Mowgli*

G and D:"hooohooohooohooo"
*I like to make monkey sounds and dance when the monkeys dance*

G and D:"MARSH MARSH 2 4"
*How fun to watch the elephants march. I would like to march with them*

*In a sad turn of events, it looks as if Mowgli has lost his best friend Baloo*

*Alas, Baloo was just injuried and now Baloo and Mowgli are happy*

At this point they lose interest and my world become somewhat quiet again.

Me: Oh really, is that what he is holding?
G: NO D, NO!! *as D is chasing him around the house with said poop in hand
D: ooy, ooy. Poop. stinks
Me: I am changing it fellas.

D: Mommy snack
Me: No D, you just had (insert any meal here)
Me: D, it is not time, you have 1 hour til snack time.

D: Mommy, Baaba?
Me: lets find it.. it's right here.
Me: What?

G: Dada wook?
D: Dada wook!
Me: yep
G: yep
Me: IT IS YES, NOT YEP!! yes ma'am
G: *looking very puzzled

G: My go Pops hows
Me: Uh, no baby, that is too far to drive today, that is Nashville.
G: My go
Me: D can't go
G: NO, D go Ka-Ka hows
Me: Pops and Ka-Ka houses are the same thing
G: My go

Me: Are your friends coming over tonight?
G: YEA!!!
D: fends
Me: yea, what are your friends names? Jackson? Julie?
G: ju-ee
D: YEA!!
Me: And Jackson?
G: Ju-ee
D: YEA!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Guest Bloggers... Please Welcome Sasha and Phoenix


Please explain something to me.
I protect my brothers and I have from the minute they came home, and love my brothers... but why O why do they hit me with the broom, throw their sippy cups and other toys at me, and chase me until I have to hide underneath the desk, kitchen table, or in the other room?
I have no one except my momma... we are the only two girls in the house. The cats won't even come out anymore to let me chase them.... my 1 thrill in life is gone because the boys have scared them to the safety of the upstairs.
I still show them how much I love them. I give them kisses, but they turn around and pull on my jaws. I lay with them, but then they jump on me like I am a horse.

This is my plea... HELP.



These boys need to understand... could you please recite this for them...
don't get near my food, don't hit and slap on me, and don't crawl under my legs... you hit my dingy everytime, which, by the way, is not an utter... please quit trying to treat it like one.
I haven't bit you yet, and eventhough I am not real affectionate, I let you hug and kiss on me... even with a mouth covered in yogurt.
And so you know, that growling thing, that is followed by showing of teeth when you don't stop with the growling,.. it is a warning fellas. Heed that warning. Mom get mad at me when I get to this point, so please don't get me in trouble anymore. I don't bother you and if you be nice, I will be more affectionate. I promise.
If you two want to play.. throw a ball FOR me.. not at me... this will make you my best friends ever.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I am the squasher of all things good

One of the best things here lately has been morning cuddles.
No, this is not an X-rated post
and I am not talking about J and I

When G gets up for good in the morning and is ready to wake us up, he comes in, climbs in our bed and lays underneath the covers and watches some cartoons while he gently wakes mommy and daddy with big morning hugs and kisses.
It is the closest thing to heaven. Especially since G, one of the loves of my life, 90% of the time chooses daddy adamently over me. But one of J's favorite things in life is cuddle time. Believe me ladies.. you can get too much. But back to G.

These mornings he has....
Not yet has he bit his brother
not yet has he sat on his brother
not yet has he scared the poop out of the dogs
not yet has he refused to wear the same underwear for more than 5 minutes
not yet has he pushed me to the verge of literally blowing my top

I look forward to it every morning.
On Monday, around 6:30 am he waltzes in there after sleeping through the night accident free and is very rested and ready to cuddle with Dada AND ME!

Tuesday, around 6:00 am he leisurely strolls in there and cuddles with Dada. I hear, "Mama.. moosh (move in G talk)"

Wednesday, 5:30 am is getting early, but I will take it... after cuddling with Dada so much that he can't get that other hour he needs for the rest of the day, I am up and taking G kicking and screaming into the living room... He truly is tired of my face at this point. This is where he subsequently wakes D up... and D is a bear when he is woke.

Thursday, 5:00 am and we debate fighting him for other 1hour to turn around and let him up at 6:30 am. I am up again, because that is too early for Dada... at least G is getting better today... not waking D until 6:00 am. Still hates me.

Friday, up at 3:30 am.. ready to cuddle.. back to bed... screams and cries and runs out of his room until 4:45 am. Then he thankfully sleeps until 6:30 am... he is all smiles...!

This routine has been going on for weeks... we have to throw in the occasional (like 2 times a week) getting him back in bed after an 1am potty break...
It has got to stop.

I broke the news to J this morning.
No more cuddling in bed in the morning. At least until G can get the idea of sleeping until morning and going back to sleep after potty breaks. I hate this because I at least got one morning out of 7 that he loved me.. hugged me and wanted me around. But, what is best for G is what is best.
When G is up... one of us is up and he gets no cuddle time IN THE BED.
Cycle has to stop.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am starting to see things repeat themselves

Last year, about this time, it started with G... taking his pants and diaper off...

About a month ago, D started, whenever he pooped, immediately diggin' in his britches and pulling out poop to tell me he had... imagine my dismay this morning when I woke to hearing in the monitor, "Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa POOP". I go in and he has, apparently in the middle of the night, pooped, then played with it, picked his nose, wiped his eyes, and went back to sleep. Dry poop was everywhere.
The smell stays eventhough it is dry, by the way.

Now for the past hour, I have had to put D's diaper and pants back on after scolding "NONO take your diaper off Dylan Emery!!" 7 times.. 7 people...

My granny is determined that he needs to be potty trained...
I don't think so... ain't gonna happen.
Let me rest and glow in the fact that G is not yet 3 and has only had one accident in over 18 days... and it was at night, after a long day.

But D still insist on checking things out... sitting on the potty and "peein'" without really doing anything... then cheering for himself.
I will let him explore for a while... he will prolly potty train before G did, because he has been 100% cloth diapered and he sees his brother.. who he sooooooo admires.

But we will see.
I am not ready for all that naked time again like we dealt with this summer.
Oh well.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Those special moments in time

I am not talking election.
I am just pulling for him. I could not vote for him in this election, but he is a friend of the family and we love him.
Other than that, you get nothing.
now onto the real post.

You know, when you have children and you watch them grow... there are those special moments you eagerly await to come... first word, first steps, first time you hear "I love you".
Then there are those first moments, when you know when it happens, it is 100% your fault and the damage is done...

Like the first time your child utters out a cuss word.
And you know it flew out of his mouth because it just flew out of yours.

*I can totally see Ka-Ka with her 'yuck' face on shaking her head in disappointment right now*

Phoenix was barking uncontrollably and trying to break down the window (like he does) at an elderly neighbor walking with his oxygen on his hip.
G was up and D was still silently and angelically sleeping.

G: ja.. ja.. jak... jakaaaaass

yep... that one is one me people.. my fault.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I cut their hair and lets play a game.

With G, we did the whole at 1 year, mohawk it til his 2nd b-day and then we were going to let it grow until his 3rd and lets see how long it gets...
So with D, we mohawked him at 1 year and have just been let it all go...

Until this weekend. I broke down and cut it.
J woke up and didn't see G's curls anymore...

I think he will miss them... J that is.
I only cut the mohawk off of D, but it looks like he has a buzz cut.
With G, I only cut off the back... he has like a reverse mullet... party in the front, business in the back...
looks like a little skater baby..
so cute..

now can we find G?

yea... I am surprised I am not gray yet.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

We had a blast Friday night. The boys really took to trick-or-treating around the neighborhood... of course, since Bellevue church was having a fall festival/fair, and over 10,000 people went to that, my neighborhood was very scarce of little Halloween goblins running around.
But the boys had a blast...
And we found out G LOVES Reese's cups
and D is not a big chocolate eater.