Friday, July 11, 2008

Going Cheap Friday

Ok.. so we are finding every single possible way to reduce our grocery bill. I have started a spreadsheet that tracks how much things at certain stores cost with and without a coupon... by the unit of said item.

First off is milk... whole is more expensive than 2%
(which I totally don't get.. I mean, 100 cigarettes are longer than regular cigarettes but they cost the same.. why can it be the same way)..

Anyways, we use whole because I am tired of getting jumped on by the pedi because my kids all of a sudden don't gain weight.
Cheapest I have found.. if you find something cheaper or have something to add in this area, please, please let me know.

Costco on G'town Rd. = $3.49 per gallon
Shell on Highland Rd. = $3.49 per gallon
McLemore Market on Houston Levee and Canada Rd. = $3.59 per gallon
Kroger Hwy 64 = $3.99 per gallon
Walgreens on Houston Levee and Canada Rd. = $3.99 per gallon
Schnucks on Hwy 64 = $4.08 per gallon.

The difference (for us.. we go through about 15 gallons a month of milk) between Costco and Schnucks is about $106.20 a year.

Without a sale or coupon, does anyone know where to get milk cheaper than $3.49??


Joye said...

I was at Sam's with mom and peeked-- it looked like 3.29? What about Walmart?

What The Hell Is This? said...

I am going to have to get someone to check that out. I don't have a sam's card, but I can use someone's I guess. Thanks Joye!

Christie said...

I was at Kroger today and whole Kroger brand milk was $3.44, with a kroger card. : )

Anonymous said...

In Cali, liquor stores, of all places had the cheapest milk and eggs.