Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cesh feesh

We spent a long weekend with my cousin, Renee (NayNay) and her hubby, Jason and little boy, Jackson. We had a blast. D found a buddy in Jackson, G got to love on a baby and we got so much needed out in the fresh air time with adults.

I was talkin' to NayNay on the phone when they first arrived and she informed me that the cabin had a 'drop off' in the back that made her uncomfortable... I got there and it made me that way too... but the scenery was awesome.

The boys got to go 'feeshin' for the first time and discover a rock slide and OH MY GAH YOU CAN SWIM IN THIS LAKE!!! Of course, when pack, I felt it was too cold to go swimmin' but... oh well, we managed. You know how much my kiddos love to be naked anyways.

G is our fisherman, but I fear he will be like his uncle Travis was. Loves to fish but ain't gonna touch bait or a fish. Every little critter we came across, G wanted to look, but he wanted it DOWN and didn't want to touch it. D on the other hand wanted to touch it all. D wasn't as much into fishin' or swimmin' as G, but he wanted to explore those woods and the beach. We walked and walked and walked.

They are worn flat dab out. Enjoy the pics.

Did I say we had a blast?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Going Cheap Friday

Hey all. I know it has been a few weeks since an interesting post about how we are saving money. Sorry.. send me things to take a look at.

Some things I use to save.. I can't necessarily pinpoint how much we have saved, or in this case, made too with this topic.

Online resources for saving money.
1) Memphis Online Garage Sale: this is a yahoo group that I am a part of. You can get seperate messages for each post or you can get a daily digest of people selling or even looking to purchase items. I have bought a few things for next to nothing and sold quite a bit. Easy way to sell items you would in a garage sale without the hassle of having one. Find a group in your area. I will warn you though, use your best judgement with security. If I sell something, I always have people meet J (a man) away from my home address, or I will deliver it. I don't what strangers knowing where I live.

2) Memphis TN Area Freecycle: This is a online yahoo group where people will say "hey, I got this, you want it.. come get it". They don't want to fight with selling it and are just giving it away... I have found great coupons that people will mail to you (or J's work, hehe.. security). I know some people have even gotten never opened cans of formula and stuff like that. Find it in your area.

3)Freepeats: Online community, one time fee, similar to that of Freecycle. People are just giving stuff away. Most of this is baby or child or maternity related, but it is still something.

4) Baby Cheapskate: These wonderful woman do so much work. And to catch the savings, go there every day. Great great site.

5)Cheap Stingy Bargins: Now, this just has everything. Just look. You can really get some good deals on stuff. This is a good one for Dad too. Electronics, cooking.. whatever... just go.

6) Freebies 4 Mom: Sample, coupons, and just some tips. This site it great. Really something to look at. Especially for moms.

7)Mom Finds: Another good one for mom. Let them do the work and you reap the benefits!

8) Money Saving Mom: Good one. I love these sites! But you really need to find the one you like the best, because sometimes you get repeat information.

9) Mommies With Cents: Good one.. and they give you ideas for stocking stuffers and Easter basket stuffers and such.

When you go to these sites, you can find links to even more money saving sites. Just grab a hold of your interests.
Happy hunting.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Biggest Loser, Episode 2 recap

Sorry you didn't get this update yesterday. We meet Nana for lunch and right before we left, I started to feel sick. I couldn't eat and the sheer smell of everyone else's food had me on the edge. When I came home, I got rid of basically everything in my stomach and J came home and gave me some time to sleep. I feel much better this morning... so far.

Ok, back to the show...

When Colleen first took the challenge on losing 2.4% of the weight, I took it as "OMG, how cocky can you get. I know Jerry can do more this week and all, but that is awfully arrogant." The entire show, I was just hoping she would get her butt in trouble, although I hated it for her dad, who really needs to be there.

Like Jillian and Bob were saying, week 2 is consistently disappointing for the contestants. I mean, how do you go from losing 20 something pounds in a week to less than 10 the next. Plays alot of the mind.

Then came the challenge. *Yawn*. Heba and Ed won... I guess since their heads were on the chopping block last week, they figured they better step it up. They won a call home, but they also won a call for another couple that they have to decide who. They gave it to the Red team, Phil and Amy. Heba's reasoning for them to get it, because they have an autistic child, they thought it would be beneficial for him to get to talk to his parents. Very sweet.. and possible good strategic move.

Now with previous seasons, I would not ever consider talking strategy or competition. Normally, at this point, the contestents are still "who needs/deserves to be here" mode... it seems that this season, they are already checking and trying to eliminate competition.

The Gray team, The Athlete team, and the Yellow team, the Teddy Bear team, fell below the yellow like, but the Gray team, Tom and L.T. got voted off. Hell, the Orange Team, Heba and Ed, who got 2 votes in their favor last week BY the gray team even voted for them... which shows me that Heba and Ed are already out for blood.

Bye Bye Gray team, they got rid of you because you were a threat... simply that and that alone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How can the potty be so cute?

Potty training G... or G potty training himself has been interesting. Frustrating and exciting and well, an experience in itself. But I have, for the most part, let him do what he wants. He has walked around this house all summer completely naked and pottying when he wants and peeing in the floor when he wants. I was reluctant to scold him for 'having an accident' in the floor.. then it hit me one day.. HE KNOWS BETTER DADGUMIT!
So one day I saw him sit there, realize he was about to pee by grabbing himself, then he just let it flow in the floor... well, I told him that was bad, and he knew better and he spent a little time in the corner. I put on big boy underwear and he said "no pee on Manny!" I told him he was right, he is not to pee pee on Handy Manny and he needs to go to the potty when he needs to pee pee.

From that point on, he has worn his big boy pants every moment except naps and night night. He was doing so well, we ventured out to the store and out to eat with underwears and he has had NO accidents when we have been out *knock on wood*. In the past few weeks we have had just a few accidents around the house, but we were not making any leeway from those accidents.

So this week we started a smiley face chart. It includes getting smiley faces when you pee in the potty, poop in the potty, tell mommy you have to go to the potty, flush the potty and wash hands. Now we get big ugly X's when we have an accident but nice big smiley faces that G calls "momma faces" when we do good. The past 2 days, we have received 2 X's. One for having a poopy accident, and one for not washing our hands.

This chart has made him so excited and when Dada gets home, G is so excited to show Dada what he did that day. The smiley faces have him so excited.

D wants in on this smiley face action and there ain't NO way I am trying to potty train a 19 month old!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap up

Well, we had a busy but nice weekend. Saturday I help a friend move while J kept the boys, then we all went to my brother's house to help him celebrate his 31st birthday. Nana and Granddaddy took the boys to their house from there and J and I stayed to hang out. We had a good time. Sunday, J and I slept in and then met up with his cousin Amanda and her husband Jeff. It was really nice to see them and give them time with the boys since my parents met up with us for lunch. Poor babies were so tired. They went to bed for a nap immediately after lunch and slept until 6 last night. And believe it or not, when 8 hit, it wasn't hard to get them back to bed for the night. Now before I left to help move, I discovered a few things "the boys" do while I am away and it is starting to explain why the boys are the way they are.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

great-great Uncle

Beecher Whiteaker

COOKEVILLE -- Funeral services for Beecher Whiteaker, 92, of Cookeville, will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 22, from the chapel of Whitson Funeral Home. Burial will be in Crest Lawn Memorial Cemetery.

The family will receive friends from 4-9 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 21, and from 7 a.m. until time of services on Monday at the funeral home.

Mr. Whiteaker died Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008, in Cookeville Regional Medical Center.

He was born June 13, 1916, in Putnam County to the late Lot and Effie Swack Whiteaker.

Mr. Whiteaker was a maintenance supervisor in the Putnam County School system.

His family includes a son and daughter-in-law, Jack and Vickie Whiteaker of Cookeville; a daughter, Linda Joyce Whiteaker of Sana Maria, Calif.; a sister, Betty Henry of Monterey; three grandchildren, Valarie Smith, Steven Whiteaker and Melissa Ramsey; and three great-grandchildren, Carlie and Brinna Smith and Calvin Ramsey.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his first wife, Thelma Roberson Whiteaker; his second wife, Edna Whiteaker; and seven brothers, Vance, Albert, Mal, J.B., Burl, Junior and Charlie Whiteaker.

Pallbearers will be Johnny Carroll, Edwin Ortlepp, Barry Martin, Mike Jones, David Roberson and Bobby Whiteaker.

Bro. Myron Greer will officiate at the services.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Terry Edwin Pence
48, of Conway, passed away Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008. Terry was born Nov. 1, 1959, and he was a 1977 honor graduate of Griffithville High School, where he graduated as valedictorian of his class.

He received his bachelor's degree in 1982 from Arkansas Sate University in Jonesboro and went on to earn his doctorate in law from the University of Arkansas Law School in Little Rock in 1985. After receiving his law degree, he went to work for the Pulaski County prosecutor's office where he spent the last 19 years with the State of Arkansas in the Workers' Compensation Special Fund Division. He also served as the attorney for the city of Holland.

He is preceded in death by his grandparents, Raymond "Sprout" and Fay Pence also Clytee Bradley; his father-in-law, Harry "Buck" Whaley.

He is survived by his wife, Pam (Whaley) Pence of Conway; two sons, Wesley Pence of Fayetteville and Evan Pence of Conway; one daughter, Katey Pence of Conway; one stepson, Airman first class Jon Osborne of the USAF stationed in Sheppard AFB, Texas; his parents, Jerry and Sandra Pence of Griffithville; one sister, Sandy Allred of Des Arc; one brother, David Pence and sister-in-law Jennifer Pence of Florida. Also, many extended family members and a host of friends, all who loved him and will miss him greatly.

Please send prayers to my grandmother and all her sisters and brother. They will miss their nephew/son.

*Jason's great Uncle Beecher also passed away Wednesday I think, but I can't find the obit as of right now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stylin' and a blogroll rundown

On the left over there, you can see my blogroll.. just click on their names if you want to go to their blogs... here is a little bit about 'em.

Amanda and Michelle - Amanda is a friend/softball teammate from HS. She rocks and I have come to know a bit about Michelle through her. Michelle also rocks and I have to read their blog to keep up with them since they live way out in beautiful Cali. Go and show some love.

Amy - Amy is a friend/softball teammate from college. She is so sweet and that beautiful little boy of hers looks just like her. Go.. look.. seriously, the boy is beautiful.

April - April is a friend of mine from church/homegroup. She is super sweet and she just has the sweetest and smartest little boy... he has the cutest curls too.

Caryn - another friend that I went to HS with. She loves the Vols (gag) and has quite an adventure with her sister and her sister's fam. Go check it out.

Christi - Christi is a terrific woman that I am friends with and meet through church... and I have to keep in touch because the Navy has taken them all over. I absolutely love this chickie.. now go show her some.

Christie - This Christie, I also met through church/homegroup. She is one person to go to if you need someone to laugh for you. She is always happy and so is that preciously little girl of hers.

Emily - Emmilu is a girl from HS too. We started talkin' at the 10 year reunion and her little boy is close to G's age and she cloth diapered too, so I started to keep up with her.

Heather - Chickie from HS that is trying to get a sippy cup business up and running.. oh just go buy one.

Jana - HS, yes, and she helped with the reunion and everything. Her little girl is very close to D's age, so it is cute to watch them both grow.

Jessica - HS... are you sick of that yet? Too bad. Jess has a beautiful little boy who is growing up just way to quick. She also has a baby sling business... yeppers, you need to buy one of these too.

Joye - HS friend/softball teammate. She is super sweet and on a quest... go support her on her journey.

Mandy - she hasn't updated in a while, but I like to try to keep up with every update when she makes them. She was a friend that I gained after HS that just happened to have graduated with me. She has twin girls born very premature at 26 weeks. They are beautiful and I love watching them grow.

Mick - friend from church. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Eden and Freckles are his two cocker pups. They are adorable.

Stefanie - One of my BFF's. I just love her.. so go say hey.

Tracie - Friend that I met through her older sister. She is so sweet and I can't believe that her little man is about to be 2!!! He is adorable..

And I am sorry, but I am about to call Mr. Hilfiger himself, because I think he has it down.. John Deer phone strapped to Elmo underwear with a sport watch on the ankle... now THAT.IS.STYLIN'.AND.PROFILIN'!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Biggest Loser, Episode 1 recap

The Biggest Loser started last night and since I LOVE this show and watch it will laying on the couch eating Baskin Robbins, I thought I would give you my insight.

The season is divided into 2 sets.. Bob and Jillian's teams. Bob has the married couples where Jillian has the parent and child duos. Both started with 4 pairs a piece.

First to go was team Green from Bob's side.

I didn't 100% love the green team, but I had more people I didn't like more. Did they deserve to leave? No. They were a little arrogant, as seen while laughing and cutting up during one of the first workouts... who does that.. who laughs and cuts up during a workout with Bob? Just wrong! The same trainer who had at least 1 puking on the sidelines...

Which brings me to the next couple who was up for elimination.. Heba and Ed, team orange. Actually, between team orange and green, I wanted to keep team orange.. so I guess I got my way.

So this is how I see the teams for the upcoming season..
Team Brown: Vicky and Brady - Team with a lot to do this for, but Vicky is LAZY... she gets on my nerves and if I were Brady, I just might have to scream.. but they have a little girl they are doing this for, which gives them my sympathy vote.
LABEL: Sympathy team.

Team Red: Phillip and Amy - these 2 are sneaky.. so far they have kept a low profile and put up good numbers. They are use to working together as a team because they do the whole real estate thing together and they have a child who is Autistic. So they are use to have to work together very much for a common goal.
LABEL: Strong Willed team

Team Orange: Heba and Ed - Ed was already trying to give up in some of his workout and Heba got into his butt. Of course, these 2 are newlyweds, so this isn't the first and foremost thing on their minds. They were seen doing a lot of drinking and partying, which might just distract the whole "losing weight" factor. These were the only 2 seen to have thrown up through the workouts though.
LABEL: Hearts are not in it team.

Team Yellow: Jerry and Coleen - I just want to hug Jerry. He is the sickest contestant... to the point of not being able to work out more than 30 minutes a day... he can't do the challenges.. but he lost 17 lbs the first week despite all of that. Coleen is a daddy's girl and you can see it in her that she would do anything for him. I love this team. Yet, I don't think they will last long... one day they will fall below the yellow line and get eliminated... and I will be sad. :(
LABEL: Teddy Bear team

Team Purple: Shellay and Amy - I hate this team. Classic whiney ass daughter meets completely enabling mother and it makes me sick. Amy is a tit baby and Shellay (pronounced shell-a) reminds me of a snobby ass rich mom that has kids that can do no wrong in her eyes, but in reality are complete and total f-ups that will probably kill her off to get the house because they 'shouldn't have to' get a job...
LABEL: Enabling/Tit baby team

Team Gray: Tom and Tom (or LT for little Tom) - Father son team that I think just might go quite a ways in this competition. They have the potential... ok, so LT does, and surely it comes in genes, right? LT was on a 3 time state championship football team, so he knows what it means to be part of a team and how to work out... Tom on the other hand has never seen the inside of the gym. He weighs a heck-of-a-lot less than his son though. Men+exathletes+young = usually pretty successful. Just look at Matt Hoover.
LABEL: Athlete team

Team Pink: Renee and Michelle - there is some baggage that needs to be worked through here. Renee left Michelles father when Michelle was little and out of 3 girls, only took 2 and left Michelle... ouch. She still cries talking about it... there will come a point this baggage is going to get in the way... Jillian is good about working out that baggage, so hopefully they will get a hold before they get kicked off.
LABEL: Baggage team

Who am I rooting for???

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This was the 1,000,000,000,000and1st time

Most of you probably have kids or seen those kiddos trying to see what is on the cabinet that they manuevuer their feet which ever way to get up to see what is on the cabinets...

the first trillion times,

they are fine..

then comes the trillion and FIRST time and guess what, mom learns something very valuable... biting through your tongue causes a LOT of blood... more than I truly thought it could.

don't worry.. by the time the blood stopped flowing.. he was more upset his Handy Manny underwear was bloody.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Totally random crap

There won't be any rhyme or reason to this post.. like there ever is, right?

If you ever wanted to buy me anything.. I would love to have THIS book or THIS one would be good too.

Ron White ROCKED this weekend! I adore this man.. funny, funny, funny. Surprisingly, I saw 21 year olds to 80something year olds... we actually had one of them 80 year old couples right next to us. The show was hilarious. He talked alot about THIS. He said he got caught with 7/8 of a gram... that is 0.875 gram... that is equivalent to 0.03 ounces. Can't fathom that small of weight... ok, in comparison, a baby during a pregnancy at about 10 weeks along is approximately 2 inches long and weighs approximately 0.3 ounce.. NOW, divide that by 10. I know, I know.. it was pot and he broke the law, except in California where he lives because he does have a prescription. Anyways, he rocked and after all expenses paid, we left $300.00 richer. Well, J did.. and yes, it is my fault he didn't win more.. I made him leave the table at 2am.. I was tired.

The boys were exhausted after playing with Pops and Ka-Ka all weekend... But I am sure they good for them all weekend.. lol.. or not. Pops has decided D is the most stubborn child he has met. Yes, he is stubborn. lol

Oh.. THE BIGGEST LOSER comes on Tuesday.. SEASON PREMIER.. so so so excited! can't wait. Love that show.

Sorry, but I am tired and this day is draggin' by... Draggin'.

Friday, September 12, 2008


1) Sorry, but turn your head to the side.. 2) Yes, the 18 months bed IS on the last hole. 3) Listen closely when I open the door.. they really need to work on their fake snore.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember that wedding?

One of the many weddings I have talked about on here.. remember it? haha

Ok, J's cousin's wedding... it was in August.. well, eventhough I haven't seen any pics of the bride and groom, I got a hold of some candids from a family friend of the boys.. so for right now you get this..

*NOTE: I keep the orginials I get sent, but sometimes I can't help but play with the pictures a little bit... I sooooo need an iMac.
Here are some:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ugh *may contain naughty language*

Many people have inquired about me posting how I got things on my mind and such... Many have speculated on the problem (no Pops, still not pregnant, nor trying to get there)... and many are kinda just bewildered by it.

There are a couple of things on my mind that I won't go into because I don't know who really reads this blog, so no use in getting that shit storm started.
But I will let you know a few things..
One, I am trying to quit smoking... taking Chantix.. been taking it. At first, some mild vomiting, then the really strong urge to want to swallow the barrel of a gun (should have searched the internet for 'people with previously diagnosed mental instability taking this crap'), then the moment of "AHHH I don't want to smoke anymore".. that lasted 8 glorious days.. with a few more days of vomitting, even sitting outside with people smoking all around me for 2 days.. no problem, then some more vomitting, now where do I stand?...6 DAMN lbs heavier. (If someone says "work out it will help".. I will come to your house and shove a Little Debbie up your butt.. ok?) I like to smoke, I enjoy smoking and dammit I want to really really bad but I want to bathe when I do and it doesn't taste right, but I want to be able to smoke socially because I enjoy it but I already feel guilty about it... I am getting the second refill for the medicine.
But not once do I want to read a comment or an email about "oh, keep going.. you are doing great" because honestly, J is the King of positive affirmation and right now it just makes me want to swallow razor blades. (I know he has it tough, I am waiting on the day he doesn't come home). I will start to put something like "Day 1, Day 1 again" on the top of all my posts and you will know how I am doing.. please please please.. don't ask. I know I have support.. just make it silent support please.

The whole resentment thing I wrote about... well, life I guess...
One hand I got THE life you know,.. sit at home eating bon bons, watching Oprah and having two perfect little angels running around with daisies singing "When the saints come marching in". I have the life anyone would dream of.
Seriously though... I got the job most mom's would dream of.. staying at home watching their little bundles turn into contributing members of society.. eventually. How could I resent anything about life?
Well, that for 1. People, friends, family basically making me feel like dog shit because I might have a hard time or want to get away from the singing daisies every now and then. I have to feel guilty because some people don't get that opportunity, so I need to just keep my damn mouth shut.
And since I am a stay at home mom, I should be this perfect person.. non-smoking, non cussing, Martha Stewart making everything, Donna Reed "yes sir dear", house is perfect and you should sit back while our perfect kids bring you bourban and a cigar while I cook and clean and be the perfect little 1950's conservative...
***PLEASE NOTE.. J DOESN'T EXPECT THIS OF ME... there are times I do though.
I love my children and would lay down my life today for either of them. Sometimes I feel like I have given up who I truly am because of them. Totally my decision apparently, but now they will never really know the person I really am.. the person their father could not get enough of.. *wink wink*... I know who I have become is not who I ever wanted to be. I think J worries about me leaving him sometimes because how completely unstable I am.. but honestly, I would only leave him to give him break from the complete HELL he has endured.
Then, I think,.. damn, my kids don't deserve for me to be in this state.... then it goes back to the whole perfect mother thing.. it is a cycle... like menstural.

Confused yet?

I know that my career is on hold until the kids are off to school... I am an Engineer.. most of my learning is based on up to date information... if I stay out of that 10 years or longer (I know some will fight this.. but I have done my research), I might as well kiss my Master's and BS goodbye because it ain't gonna be worth the paper it is screen printed on... oh, my career goes with that. I have already kissed the company goodbye that I really really loved working for (mind you, I would do it again in a heartbeat to get another first year with G), and that paid really really really well. I have until October 2009 to take my Professional Engineering exam, but when the hell and I am going to study for that. Most people in the midst of their careers study for over a year and still don't pass... So obviously another kid is out of the question. Which sucks... bigtime..

Oh well..
I am done ranting for now.. I prolly won't rant anymore for a while.
Sorry I hoarded the post with that crap.
Ok.. a precious pic for your entertainment..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh.. that is when it happens

I often wondered when children got to the age where their parents were merely an inconvience they had to live with... I mean, when did kids start dismissing their parents and respond to questions in the "OMG you are so in my business.. just leave me alone."

My kids apparently start at 2 1/2.

"G, whatcha doin'."
"G, what's D doin'?"
"G, whatcha watchin?"
*BIG sigh*Rocket...
"G, you ready for a nap?"
*sigh wimper* NO NAP! *eye roll*

great, kids with a side of attitude.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Enough to break a heart... and a wedding!

I know.. another wedding, right?! lol.
Here's the dealio.. my uncle had a wedding date set of 11/1/08. All Saint's Day... they picked it because they thought it was somewhat ironic... moving on..
Ok.. so they are getting married in November in a small ceremony in downtown Memphis in a little house/chapel where they can invite like 20 some people then we are going to Paulette's for a reception that their friends have booked and planned already.
Then came Wednesday and they came by where we were price stuff for a garage sale and let us know "Hey, btw, we are getting tomorrow at 3:30 down at juvie hall." (that is where my uncle works)... "My buddy, Judge so and so, is going to marry us."

jaw drop

"Cool deal".

Welcome to the family Nikki.

So, J has gone out of town again. Only overnight, but he sat down with G last night and explained how he would not see him until like Tuesday night. G didn't think anything about it until this morning when Dada was not here to say bye to or watch leave or NUTTIN'!!!
What do you do??
You claw at the garage door and look underneath because if you cry loud enough or claw long enough.. things will eventually come your way, right?

How about if you scream DADA loud enough.. he ought to come through, right?

Surely it doesn't take that much longer than the inital 45 minutes!, right?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


This week has been crazy busy and that is why you haven't seen a lot of posts. Monday was a holiday, J was out of town Wednesday - Thursday, those days I was at my granny's old house with my mom and the boys getting stuff ready for granny's garage sale, Friday and Saturday was garage sale. Also, Nana and Granddaddy wanted to take the boys to Delta Fair.. so we went last night. G rode all the rides he wanted and had to be turned away for most of the ones he wanted because he is oh... a baby.. ok, a toddler.. ok a kid, but a WIDDLE kid... he thinks he is much bigger than he his.. anyways, he found a new ride he wanted to try. But being little, he would just hang because he didn't have enough weight... so the lady manning the thing helped him... she bounced him a bit.. the dadda (you know, his PROTECTOR) says "he ain't scared, let him take off".. and she did.. to the point it was drawing and crowd and many times you could here the crowd GASP.. my mom is having a coranary and me.. I am looking, but I can't.. but I have to, but I can't.. it is just crazy.. he is like 50 hundred stories up and the little booger head can't quit grinning!!! PUT THOSE DIMPLES BACK IN.. YOUR KILLING YOUR MOTHER! Sorry we don't have pictures... I probably would have dropped the camera anyways.

Oh.. and their aunt Becky gave them an old little baby drum thing that she had had with her boys to play with while we were putting prices on items... One day with dadda and he rocks out... check it... *btw, he is saying "two, four" when tapping his drum sticks together... then he stops and says "ROCK N' ROLL".. but trails off after rock.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, we had a very busy weekend, but it was great.
First, J and I had our 6th wedding anniversary... Here is a pic of us 10 years ago.. this was the first pic ever taken of us... Goodness, we look young...

Excuse my hairup, sweaty look.. this was right after a ball game.

How did we celebrate?? Well, we officially won't celebrate until Ron White comes to the Grand Casino on September 13th. But, we still had a good one spending time with Pops, Kaka, the boys and going to the Delta Fair.
The boys had a blast. G rode all the rides he could and D was pretty content NOT riding the rides.. good thing since he was still a little too short.
Of course they both rode the horses and fed the goats and such, and of course LOVED it.

Of course, for some reason, I was sick most of the weekend. Don't know why, but anyone who knows me knows I don't require that much sleep.. of course this weekend I couldn't get enough. I was up most of the night Saturday puking so much of Sunday for me was spent sleeping, then Monday, I slept some more after lunch and J was still gracious enough to let me sleep in every morning. ok.. enough of that.

Did you have a good weekend?