Friday, July 18, 2008

Going Cheap Friday

Following up on last Friday.
I have figured out to search by demographic. I still need to follow up on Joye's find at Sam's. It sounds like a 2% milk price, but if it is whole, I doubt my budget would justify me having a Sam's and Costco card, but I do know people with a Sam's card. Christie lives in a different part of the city and said her Kroger had whole milk for $3.44. THANKS YOU ALL.. KEEP 'EM COMING IN.

Now, this week, we will focus on yogurt.
My kids eat tons of yogurt... I also put it in popsicle makers for a treat... so on a average day, my kids eat about 5 oz of yogurt each.
We have found the following:
Kirkland brand @ Costco= 96oz for $6.90 = $0.07 an ounce
Schnucks brand @ Schnucks= 6oz for $0.50 = $0.08 an ounce
Bluebunny brand @ Schnucks= 6oz for $0.60 = $0.10 an ounce
Activia @ Costco= 96oz for $10.35 = $0.11 an ounce, now sometimes a coupon for $3.00 off is available making it = $0.08 an ounce
Yoplait @ Kroger = 6oz for $0.80 = $0.13 an ounce, now sometimes they have a sale at 6oz for $0.50 = $0.08 an ounce.

So obviously, just because you have a coupon doesn't make it better than any other.

So, for us, going through 10oz a day total, the difference between Yoplait @ Kroger versus the Kirkland brand at Costco, we will save a total amount of $219.00 a year. LETS CHECK MY MATH BECAUSE HOLY CRAP... lets see, differnce is $0.06 an ounce, with 10 ounces a day, 365 days a year... YEP.. $219.00.

Running total: $160.20 for milk, $219.00 for yogurt = $379.20.

Got any more deals out there???


Emmilu said...

Wow! You really research this stuff. I need to take notes! I am really bad about just buying what we like. I don't cut cupons either becuase half the time it's not for something we would typically buy. I get trapped between buying what's on sale and planning our meals around that, and buying the things that I know we eat even if not on sale.

Christie said...

You are a pro at this!! And I LOVE that picture! It is such a great shot of you three!!