Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions.. did they fall to the wasteside?

This was the first year that I made New Years resolutions and actually kept them in mind throughout the year. I wrote them on my white board in the kitchen and they stayed there!

How did I do?
Well, I had 6, 3 of which were not measurable... so with them, it is a matter of opinion if I finished them.

Here were mine:
1) More coupon shopping - I did do better this year
2) Prepare and take the PE in April 2009 or October 2009 - I suck
3) Do more for March of Dimes - We are doing away with out team, so this one doesn't count
4) Keep scrapbooks up to date - I suck more
5) Get more organized - I did good on this one.. label anyone?
6) 120 lbs and stay there. - I am a big fat sucker

Time snuck up on me on the PE, I didn't really 'try' on the weight thing and I just feel very overwelmed by the scrapbooks... but I did something? right? Bueller?

New Ones!!!

1) Prepare to take PE in April 2010 or October 2010 (very last chance I could do it)
2) Get down to 120 or lower and stay there
3) Get scrapbooks up to date

That is all I am going to put because we have a hectic first of the year for ourselves.. We have to spend most of our time getting the house prepared to sell, planning 2 birthday parties (did you know they don't sell The Jungle Book theme party supplies.. anywhere... like not even overseas), putting the house on the market, storing stuff, selling stuff, packing stuff...
I am tired already.

I hope everyone has a terrific New Years... be safe tonight, there are crazies out.. and don't be one of them.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lots of Things

First off, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We did. Santa was wonderful to us all this year!
Oh, you want an update on how G reacted when he saw the train table Santa brought him??
He walked into the living room, opened his arms up as wide as can be and yelled out with a gasp "TRAIN!"

We won't go into how much that deceptiveness scares to bajeebees out of me.

Christmas was great and it was fun seeing the boys react to Santa's presents.

G has figured out clothes boxes already and tends to toss them with a 'clothes' sigh.
We will have to work on that.
But they had a great Christmas and was spoiled as usual.
So were J and I.

Also, my only baby girl in this house, had a birthday yesterday. Sasha was the first of her litter born Dec. 29th 6 years ago. 8 weeks later, she was J's Valentine's present for our first Valentines as a married couple. I hate to think that she is over middle aged for her breed, eventhough she still acts like a pup. I love her very much and can't wait to spend another 6 years with her.

We went and watched Marley and Me on Christmas Day.
I bawled like a big fat baby, and came home and hugged my pups... then cried some more.
Then I thanked God for giving us these pups to help teach the boys things a good dog can. Responsibility, empathy, gentleness, playfulness, boundaries... and so much more.
I recommend seeing it... I still liked the book better, but the movie was wonderful.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Post #2 today..

But this was too good NOT to share.

We got the boys a train table for Christmas
We put it together and it has been upstairs behind a closed door, lights off, baby gate, and somewhere the boys are not allowed...
I went upstairs to get it ready for inlaws...
Something was amiss.
toys I had put away were kinda scattered, but it just seemed weird, nothing more than usual
Kinda brushed it off but was still curious...
Closer inspection of the train table
I found a half eaten sucker stuck to the table.
We wondered why all of a sudden he had started wondering the house at night again.
He hasn't mentioned a train, but we know he loves these tables.
If he acts surprise on Christmas morning... we are putting him to work

Christmas Card Awards

Most people know that I LOVE Christmas cards... that is one of the many thrills of Christmas for me is recieving Christmas cards. As of today, we have recieved exactly 40 cards. I usually get more up until a few days after Christmas, but today is a start of something new... every Christmas Eve I will award titles to some of my favs. If some come in later that are better than the ones I list here, fine, I will make note...

Without further ado:

Seriously, look at that face in the middle. Little Miss Presley Aaron, you are adorable. Congrats to Christy and Jason Aaron

Incorporating a Save the Date in with a Christmas card... kudos and congrats to Clara Linz and Geoffrey Goodin.

Seriously, could you look anymore like models? Congrats to Ben and Monica Thompson.

I think this card is hilarious, congrats Stefanie McGee... I can always count on you for a good laugh.

First year I recieved your card and you did good! Congrats Shelley and Jamie Wood.




*and yes, they picked out their own




Shutterfly | Photo Cards

I wish everyone and their family a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I can't sleep

Because I can't seem to get rid of the nightmares. Yes, I am well, very well into my 20's and I have nightmares... like every night. Well, the nights I take 2 Tylenol PM's or the nights I take 4 regular Tylenol, I don't have nightmares, but I don't wake up for my kids in the monitor either.

I am not talking.. "oh, not a good dream, it is over, lets go back to sleep" type of nightmare...

I am talking... "HOLY HELL I don't think I will every sleep again" and "the person I dream about I have to call NOW eventhough it is 2am to make sure they are ok" types of dreams.

They are full of murder, world ending natural disasters... CRAZY.

Its got to stop.

I need an Ambien.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Been a couple of days

Crazy days.

Monday I had dinner with some girls I use to play softball with in HS. We had a blast. We always do. We need to do it more than once a year though.

Tuesday was just spent watch G be sick. He was so pewny. Early in the morning, like 2-3am, he woke and came to our bed and I felt him as I was putting him back in his bed and he was on fire. Ear thermometer came back 103.8. I stripped him, put a washrag on his forehead and gave him some Tylenol. Thankfully, it hasn't gotten that high again.

Wednesday, we went to MLGW to visit some old co-workers, then met dad for lunch, then went straight to the doctor... Infection, z-pac for G, and he has gained weight!!! Yea... finally up to 29 lbs at almost 33 months old! Pewny in more ways than one!
Then I had to go to driving school when J got home from work at 6 ... until 9. Oh, he let us go early, it was suppose to last until 10.
Also, last night, J said that G put himself to bed at 6:30. Must have been knocked out by the medicine.

Today we meet with another Early Intervention associate to assess G again.
9 months of dealing with them and they have yet to work with G at all. Got to love state funded associations.

Monday, December 15, 2008

What a weekend

We left out Thursday for Nashvegas.. it was cold her in Memphis, but nothing too extreme.. we started getting calls from parents warning us about the weather we were about to drive into. We were never too worried... Me and J always have the mindset "if it gets too hard to drive due to weather, tiredness.. whatever, we will just get a hotel and continue our trip in the morning".

We didn't hit anything until we got around the airport in Nashville... and it gradually got worse as we hit our destination. Nothing was too bad at all. Interstate was clear completely and it wasn't until we got off that we ran into any 'slick' streets.

The next morning, it was beautiful.

and as we headed to Cookeville in the morning, it wasn't bad but it was gorgeous.

Especially on the family farm.
Enjoy.. I did.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Growin' up is hard to do.

But right now it is just hard on me.

We looked at G this morning in awe of what a big boy he is becoming in his little man personality. I think back of him when he was just brand spankin' new... which, it is harder and harder to remember the details, because it seems like forever ago... then again, just yesterday.

Then I think of D, and he is right behind G and in just a few short months, we will be saying the same thing about him. I just know that within the year, I will have two little boys completely out of diapers. I almost see this as being the last "baby" in them.

How can something so wonderful be so depressing all at the same time?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Joye gave me an F. Dangerous letter to give me right now.
She did this fun meme on 10 favorite things but the twist was that they all had start with a specific letter. She herself had an N.
Here are mine.

1) Floors - as in the new ones I have now. We haven't 100% finished the toe molding as you can see from the pics, but I love them. Excuse the toys.

2) Finger foods - I am a big finger food eater... like sausage balls and stuff... if I can graze on them, I like 'em.

3) Friends - my friends.. my closest and my just cordial. I love them.

4) Family - all of them, well, I could take or leave some extended family... kidding, I kid.

5) Funny faces - some of my favorite pics of my boys are funny faces that are made by them and that are caught... of course, the funny faces of the adults in those pics are good too.

6) Feliz Navidad - Like how I got past that?? No one said we could not use Spanish translations. But Christmas is my favorite holiday.

7) Fruit leather - this is my favorite snack of all time.. I love it.

8) Four - this is my favorite number. I was #4 in soccer and softball, I have delivered 4 beautiful babies, and I have 4 furbabies in this house.

9) Factory Outlet Malls - I love them. 3 I go to often are right down the street from me, Lebanon, and Tunica. Yes, I love to go sit at a Caribbean stud table just as much as possible, but actually coming from Tunica with something for my money makes me feel all fuzzy.

10) Fridays - my favorite day... I use it as me and the boys "lazy day" where we just watch movies, hang out and wait for daddy to come home from work.
Can't wait until Friday comes.