Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reuse it Thursday

What do all you mothers do with all the old itty bitty baby spoons with the tiny scoop that you used when you were just starting to feed the little ones?? Do you pack 'em up or toss them? Or do you find a way for them?

We make popsicles with them.

You those premade popsicle makers tha some with the teeny handle makers? Well, after using the handles it comes with, we put those in a ziploc baggie in the freezer and do some more using the spoons at longer more sturdy handles.

How do you reuse your spoons??

**Update and responses: Amy, check your email. I emailed you. Uncle is doing good, he is still in ICU because his kidneys decided to give them a little problem. But I want to thank you all for your prayer.
Sorry about the link. Kelly Wilson was in the link. He should have graduated with us. Killed downtown years ago. On Channel 5 website, search "Shot in the dark". Maybe they haven't deleted it. Big Boy pants.. going as expected.. ups and downs.


Emmilu said...

Thats a neat idea. Ours are still in the bin awaiting #2, but not because I was intentionally saving them. I just hadn't gotten to them yet... the toys seem to need weeding through first. All these toys... he is only 2. How can one boy need so many toys. And I only bought a few of them.

Joye said...

Very creative idea! I just recycle-- but this is true reusing!