Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer Injuries 2010 #4 and #5

So I was in my bedroom folding laundry and in walks D... the minute his baby feet can be seen from under the bed I hear hissing and snarling...

Powder... aka The white devil.
He is nicknamed this for 9 years now due to his random attacks on people.

D heard it too and bent down by the bed to see and before D could get all the way down...

Powder attacked
D screamed
I kicked

He punctured D's lip... claw went in through the lip by the nose and came out the bottom of his lip... the hole was torn a little making it hard to keep closed.

I cleaned it up and put 2 sterile surgery strips on it and finally got it to stop bleeding.

We have not decided what we are going to do with the cat after this. He just may have to go to a home without little ones because he really is not a baby cat.

So injury #4 - Cat Attack

Incident #5) LOOK OUT BELOW

Ok... so we are building the fence and through that, blocks of 2x4's and 4x4's have been cut and those scrap pieces, well, the boys have been using them for building blocks around their play set.

Today, they decided they were going to play by throwing them up into the play set... it was doing fine for a while until G decided to get up in the play set and get D to throw pieces up to him... D threw one, G flinched and turned away and BOOM, it hit G upside the back of the head.
It was a total accident and G even said it was... he got a knot on the head and some loving from me and D and I THOUGHT all was good.

Apparently, G was still holding a grudge.

They run back to the play set, G sprints up to the top, gets a block and runs out pissed and as hard as he can, throws the block down and hits D upside the head. D starts walking to me screaming... I thought he would just have a knot too...

I saw blood pour down the side of his head.

I wigged out.

Once I got the wood out of the wound and cleaned everything up, I realized I was going to have to shave part of his head to get the butterfly and sterile strips to stay... because it was opened up, he needed them.

So injury #5 - G threw a block at D.

D is really not having a great Spring.

Monday, April 26, 2010

1 day shy of 38 weeks

And I have officially never been this far.

Tomorrow is 38 weeks.. I guess you have guessed that the doc appointment Friday was nothing too exciting.

For some reason, it was utterly depressing for me.

Still have not gained anymore weight and holding steady at 11 lbs...
BP was fine.
They told me to drink more water, I told them I was peeing enough at night as it is.

For the 3rd appointment in a row, they have had to zap my belly to wake Corgan up so they could get a decent heart rate strip going on him.... this time though I balled, and begged them not to wake him... it HURTS when he is awake... because he moves and it feels like he is trying to come through via my bladder.

I was already in an irritable and down mood, and the appointment, for some reason, put me over the edge.

I was having contractions, regularly, but they were very small contractions... not enough for me to even notice them.
Have made no progress and still at 2cm and he is still "floating"...

Doc said "see you next Friday and if you still haven't had him by then, we will induce on CINCO DE MAYO"...

As I shook my head in an "ok" fashion and was trying to hold back tears, he said "I am getting so excited for you!!"

I choked out a thanks and he left for me to be monitored for 10 more minutes and I balled the whole time... not in a "YAY it's almost time" sort of way, but in a "DAMMIT" sort of way.

I refused to talk on the phone after I left the doc... I texted who and what I needed to and took some grocery shopping time to myself to get things in perspective.

I am happy there is a light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended).
I am happy that I might get to "plan" for everyone to be here and not miss anything.
I am happy he has been with me long enough to do all the growing and fattening up he needs to do.
I am happy that my 3rd baby boy is so comfy with momma.

I was/am just frustrated.
I was/am irritable.
I was/am just plan ready.
I was/am tired of being reminded everyday of his lack of appearance due to everyone asking me "how are you feeling?" "when do you think you will go into labor"... all the eeks.
I know I have a lot of people that care about me and I love that they care enough to ask questions, but I am tired of going to bed upset because people keep reminding me that I don't have yet what I can't wait for.

Maybe this Friday's appointment will be better for me.. MENTALLY. lol

Friday, April 16, 2010

36 weeks 3 days and a doc appointment

Well, I went to the doc today.

Still holding steady at a total of 11 lbs gained.
BP is great.
Strep test is negative.

Mild contractions but nothing to write home about.

2cm and the baby is still "floating".

See him next Friday unless something happens before then....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Doc appointment

I won't say J is wrong because he still has some days left, but my doc said and I quote "see you next Friday... you will still be pregnant"

0 cm dilated.

This is a totally new concept for me. I have never been 0 cm at 35 weeks... I was floored.

My grandmother is and has from the beginning been picking April 28th as my date to deliver...
Full Moon....
I would be 38 weeks and 1 day.

So, if all goes like it seems it is, I will make it past that 36 week marker I have been talking about... thank goodness. I get to see my baby's first soccer game and I don't have to stress next week.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

35 weeks 2 days

so I am at 35 weeks... I will see the doctor Friday.

People around me are starting to take guesses on the impending birth of this little man...

J thinks this weekend or first of next week... (so in 1 to 6 days)...

My mom just wants it to be after Tuesday (when I hit 36 weeks)... so anytime after 5 days from now.

My friend Steph thinks it will be at 38 weeks... so 19 days from now.

I like guessing on stats.... which makes me wrong most of the time...

So I will just wait until my doc appointment on Friday and see where my cervix stands....
Enjoy this pic taken over a week ago.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer injuries 2010 #3

And guess who it is THIS time....

yep... D, again.


So last night D was so tired before bed that when he went to go to the potty, he put up both seats, began to pee, bumped the seats and began a chain reaction of the seats falling....


it just fell on his hand and bruised up his thumb immediately... he was using it and even though it was swelling and bruised, I decided just to keep an eye on it.

It is fine this morning... just bruised.. so is the nail, but he is using it fine and not fussing about it.

we are thankful... it could have been much worse.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Summer injuries 2010 #1 and #2

If today is any indication at all of how this summer is going to go with injuries, then we are in for a crazy summer.

Incident #1) I CAN'T STOP
D was driving his Arctic Cat around and he really isn't that great a driver...
Well, actually, he is awful driving it.

He is going to be that teenager that backs into like 50 parked cars by the time he hits college.
It is not because I don't think he has ability or hand-eye coordination... the boy just doesn't pay attention...

Like today, he didn't pay attention the rope/string that has been nailed to the fence posts for like 2 weeks....

So of course he drove into it... and once the rope/string hit his FACE he never stopped the dadgum truck... he just kept driving...
*now picture my big pregnant butt hauling across the yard yelling STOP*
the rope/string is tight right across his nose, up his cheek and looped around an ear.....

So injury #1 - ROPE BURNS TO THE FACE.

Incident #2) MAMA DID IT (part I) because we all know, there will prolly be more "mama is an idiot" moments.

So our latest game this spring, since it has been warm
I have been nesting

has been while I am pressure washing the deck, or driveway, or porches, or walkways, or rocks....

the boys get naked and run until they are about 7-10 feet away and yell "get me mom", and I point the pressure washer their way and the mist soaks them....

If they get too close, I won't and I tell them to get back until they are at a respectable distance.

Well, today I was pressure washing the boys outside toys.


I was pressure washing their picnic table and we had and were playing our game....

Well, D got gutsy and didn't listen (surprise surprise) and before I could let go of the trigger, he jumped up on the table I was cleaning....

yes, this put my beautiful little boys head and arm and side within a foot of the nozzle....

His face (yes, the same side he had rope burns on) and his arm was nothing but a series of whelps and what looked like burns.

He is fine now, I washed him down real good and we have been keeping a suave on him and on the burn on his face... you can hardly tell that he fought with the pressure washer but I have heard like 50 times how I hurt him.. he even locked me out of the house....
he holds grudges.


Friday, April 2, 2010


Haven't done this in a while. Feels good.

D's new thing...
"Mom... I like your boobs. Let me see 'em."
Uhhhh NO.

G's new thing...
*After I kiss him and tell him I love him....
"Awww Schucks."

So, we signed both the kids up for pre-school next year! 2 days a week!
So come September, 2 days a week, it will be just me and a 5 month old.

Pops and J are putting up a fence around the yard. They have put in the 4x4's for one side... 39 to be exact... for one side.... 39! And that is the "short" side... it will be so much easier on me to have the boys out back playing this summer with a fence up and with a new baby here with this fence so I can change a diaper or something without worrying whether they are running into the street, but I feel bad for all the work the guys are doing.

I bought a Topsy Turvy for Strawberries this year... I put 30 strawberry plants in it... so now I have strawberries, blueberries and raspberries growing this year... hopefully I will get SOME production out of them.

G: Batman wears Batman underwear...
G: And Superman wears Superman underwear...
Me: Really? Cool.
G: Yeah *as he is pulling down his pants to check his underwear*... SHOOO.
me: What?
G: I am Batman.

I was NOT looking forward to this day.
But G's mouth sometimes gets a little mouthy...
What has he said to us?

1) Shut up Mom!
2) Just go away and leave me alone.
3) You're an idiot
4) What a fool
5) NO I will do what I want

From one smart ass to another, it ain't gonna work... he's gonna learn QUICK to chill with the mouth.