Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One very cool thing

If you don't know, I work on Ancestry stuff alot. Most every night. I want to go back in every branch of our tree as far as I can. I love it. I have found some interesting stuff since researching J side.

The, by far, most amazing thing I have found though is this.
He was J's great uncle. He was on the USS Gudgeon when it left port on April 7th and was never seen again. No one knows 100% of what happened, but on April 18th, 1944 it was considered lost at sea. This submarine is considered one of the 'mysteries of the sea'. I officially HAVE to have this book. Just to look over once and keep with the rest of the family tree information.

There are so many books I want that are dealing with family tree stuff... like family and geneologist that have already done so much work.

I love this stuff.

I leave you with a pic from my media file in my family tree.

These are the sons of Harmon T. Bass. Back row far right is Francis Harmon Bass, who had a daughter, Cader Thomas Bass, J's great grandmother.


Emmilu said...

That's kinda cool! I have not done much research on my family history...

Aggieamy said...


My name is Amy Whiteaker-Grenfell, I was looking through your blog and I believe we might be related by some distant line.

My grandfather's family used to live in Putnam County, Tennessee where they later moved to Ohio once they married the Berry side of my family. I've traced the Berry line, but the Whiteaker gets diluted and hard to trace.

I saw this and I thought I might let ya know =)

What The Hell Is This? said...

Amy.. definitely contact me through email.
my husbands paternal side is too from Putnam country... actually, GGgrandmother is still living there... on the family farm..
Please contact me