Friday, August 5, 2011

Edit for last post because I am an idiot...

I was looking over my last post and realized I was an idiot.

I let my photos dictated my post without putting much thought into the posssibility that I may have put the wrong pictures in the wrong folder with the wrong date...

My brother did graduate in Massage Therapy... But it was in May 2010.. Not 2011.

I am so dumb... And am ok admitting it.
Sorry if I offended anyone.

Catching up

And if anyone still reads this I will be surprised. The last time I blogged was early April... like the 9th or something.
So sad.

What has been going on?

On April 14th, 2011... We lost our beloved Phoenix. On the 13th had has begun to lay around alot... almost like he had collapsed... the behavior was not normal... at all. He was kinda cool to the touch and he wouldn't eat or drink. He had already been diagnosed with a brain tumor 5 months previous, but his bloodwork was so good it seemed early stage... Vet predicted at least a year or two with him. I went ahead a made a vet appointment for the next day... then that night, he was laying on the couch with his buddy Dylan when he had a seizure. His gums went white, he was panting hard, he lost control of his bladder, and he couldn't stand on his own... the latter last a majority of the night.
I had talked to the vet on the phone and the doctor was of the mindset that it was all tumor related and that a shot of steroids and antibiotics in case of infection would make him turn around. I kept the appointment for the next morning after I drop the boys off at school.
When we dropped the boys off at school, I made sure they loved on Phoenix and told him bye... I had a sick feeling about the vet appointment.
We arrived at the vet and while in the waiting room, he completely lost control of his bladder... something was going on.. I knew it.
We saw the doc and he ran blood work just to make sure nothing was going on besides the tumor... doc agreed that Phoenix looked like he felt bad... but the doc said..."if something bad was going on, dogs usually look bad... like their coat doesn't look good... his is gorgeous... his coat, skin, mouth, eyes... they all look good"...
But then he did a reflex test.... Phoenix failed frisbee catcher didn't have enough reflexes to catch the table.
Blood work came back and said he had to double check to make sure he grabbed the right paperwork... it was Phoenix's and he was extremely sick and in a ton of pain.
1.) He needed a blood transfusion - his body had quit producing red blood cells.
2.) He had severe pancreatitis.

The doc said....
"You have two options...
1.) He admit him immediately, give him enough morphine to basically sedate him, we give him a couple of bags of blood... we do this for 3 days continuously... then we recheck his blood again after that 3 days.... my prediction, because his disease is so severe.. we are going to see the same dog that we see now.
2.) Say your goodbyes."

All I could say is this...
Doc, I got Phoenix to be my protector and my companion, in a time when I didn't have that. He has done his job 2000 and he has done it wonderfully. I couldn't have asked for a better dog, friend or buddy. He doesn't get up from the bed unless I do. He doesn't move until I do. He is the ultimate companion. He has done right by my kids and put up with a lot.
I have to do right by him too.

and I did. I hated it. I still miss him... I am crying writing this... but he doesn't hurt anymore.

At the end of April... J and I went to JAMAICA!!! It was gorgeous! And relaxing. And beautiful and fun and very very needed.
And I got pooped on by an ocean swimming horse... nuff said.

in May... busy busy... lots of things going on... whooo.

Gavin graduated Preschool

My brother graduated with a degree in Massage Therapy...

Gavin's t-ball season ended.

J's college roommate and BFF got married and added an awesome woman and 3 beautiful kids to our little group. CONGRATS JUSTIN AND SHAUNDA AND LITTLE H, J, AND L.

Corgan celebrated his first birthday!!!! Seriously?! Corgan turned 1!!!

As you can probably guess... it was Dr. Suess.. mainly The Cat in The Hat themed.... that is his favorite show on PBS kids... he dances everytime the theme song comes on.

I had to undergo a DnC and Laproscopic surgery. I had to do this because insurance would not approve a TVH (total vaginal hysterectomy) unless I had exploratory first... nice right... get cuts to explore for insurance when i was going to get out of it completely cut free... nice.
The exploratory revealed I not only had a prolapsed uterus, but I had Adenomyosis too.


And G and D are now full fledged swimmers... they are no longer using floaties!!! Makes a trip to the pool so much easier.

Now... here we are
I am two weeks post op. I feel great. Corgan is 15 months old today. G and D are as tan as little Cherokees.
And what happen yesterday????

yep... we have now entered school. We have a Kindergarten student in our midst.
and he kissed two girls on his first half day.
enough said.

I promise I will try to do better. I will try.