Thursday, July 17, 2008

Skipping Reuse it Thursday for a random update

Hello all.
I haven't been good this week about blogging, so I will skip reuse it Thursday for a random update on everything.

My uncle had to go back into surgery because he was leaking air from his lung. Apparently, they found 3 holes in his lung where he wouldn't heal. They sewed him back up and is going to keep him in the hospital a little longer, BUT BUT BUT there is great news... he got the scan back on his lymph nodes and there is absolutely no sign of Cancer in them. NO CHEMO! Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.

We had a birthday party to attend this weekend and it was great. We had a great time visiting and watching the birthday girl. She is now 2 going on 16. Her mom has 2 very compliant little girls.. after spending an afternoon with the 'Whiteaker boys'... she will never babysit for me... unless I had absolutely zero options and couldn't take them with me... lol.

Early Intervention has come and filled out paperwork for G. Evaluators are due to be here next Tuesday to test G to see if he needs any "special needs" work. (that is what they called it)... In my mind, speech therapy is not a 'special need', but whatever... call it what you want if you can get my kid off of a one-word vocab at 28 months old.

We have been working diligently on my granny's new house to get it ready for her to move in. Sunday, we starting wrapping stuff up as I was there from 9am to 10:30pm. And when I was there on Tuesday, just a handful of stuff had to get done. She is set to move into the house Saturday morning. Then starts the work on the old house so we can get it to sell.

We have moved G's F150 into the back yard for him and D to play. It has become interesting to watch... by they way, if you didn't know, G is a little anal. Excuse his nakedness AGAIN.

Before you ride, you must check that everything is running smooth.

Enjoy your ride

After off-roading, you must "wass truck"!

RON WHITE TICKETS GO ON SALE TOMORROW for his show in Tunica. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US! Last time he was in town for a show was August 2004... we had planned to go them for our anniversary, but due to circumstances at the first of the month, we choose not to... This year, we will actually do SOMETHING SPECIAL for our anniversary.. after 6 years, I guess we are slow learners.

My hubby sent me flowers yesterday... Just because... and it was the good kind... You get them in bud form, set them up and you watch them bloom.. so you are watching them bloom instead of watching blooms die. Very pretty. Once they are in full bloom, I will take a picture and post. Very very sweet.

I think this post has become officially too long.. I will leave you with that. Hugs

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Emmilu said...

It just kills me that he is always nude! That is so funny!