Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Story by Corgan

I love my Bumbo

HEY.. where did you come from.

Dang.. ya'll are comin' at me from all angles...

Seriously, someone call and take these kids away.. sheesh.

Friday, June 25, 2010


D goes into the bathroom... looks around... pees then he yells out...
"Ok, D"
*D immediately grabs the step stool that is by the sink and runs it back to the kitchen and then sprints back to the bathroom*
*Gavin looks at me in total bewilderment and reluctantly grabs the step stool and takes it back to the bathroom.
*D washes his hands*


G: "chugga chugga chew gotta get bamboo, chugga chugga chew gotta get bamboo, chugga chew chew got... wait, I did it wrong."


The boys have found a new show on Nickelodeon that they LOVE. Team Umizoomi.
I love it. Millie, Geo and Bot have mighty math powers and they work with numbers, building with shapes and patterns all while helping out the kids of UmiCity.
I think it is a great show.

Yet... I have the stupid song stuck in my head.


We have been jigsaw puzzle freaks in this house the past few days... that is all the boys want to do.
G is great at them... his attention span can keep him at that table for up to 2 hours at a time.
D... he is good, but would be better if his stomach didn't have a intimate connection with the kitchen table.

The other day, they were both working and Dad was helping D... D was working a 24 piece and G was working a 60 piece. D finished it and tore it up to start working it again, then G finished his and starts jumping up and down "I beat you D!!! D, hey, I beat you! haha I beat you D... hey.. D.. look!! I beat you!"
D looked, ignored.
G "haha, I beat you"
D... "so what?"
G *crickets* - poor thing just doesn't understand why that was NOT a big deal.

and I wonder why J eyed me and giggled and pointed and mouthed "thats your son you know"...

I casually responded with "he is more like me J!!! J, hey, he is more like me!! haha He is more like me J... hey.. J.. look!! He is more like me!"


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where's the babe-eeeeee

Every morning when the two old ones get out of bed, they ask for 2 people... daddy and da' babe-eeeeee

Every morning, da' babe-eeeee is waiting to see them. He is annoyingly chipper starting in the early morning and doesn't go back to sleep until he gets his full dose of older brother's playtime.





They insist he needs lots of toys to play with and insist I take their pictures with him....

Its better than coffee really..
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Monday, June 14, 2010


I have never in my life had such difficulty getting pictures done of one child.


I have been trying for 2 weeks to get his 1 month pictures.

He is being hard headed and pictures are coming out crappy... I guess I am just going to use some randoms I have taken when updating his baby book....

Here are some of my throw aways before I have to go through and edit them to make them look halfway decent.

Oh and I got a smile pic!! But it is the blurriest pic I have ever taken in my life!!!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

it's a... RANDOM

I know how much you miss me being random.. so here is something for you!

G: I wanna play superhero chutes and ladders.
J: Ok, let's play.
G: NO.
J: You don't want me to play?
G: No. I wanna win.

*I know NO idea where he gets that competitive nature.


So we were totally sitting in class in church and I just got finished feeding Corgan when he started filling his diaper.. at first it was fine... normal.

Then it became very abnormal... very quick.
A 30 second long fart that was so powerful that my hand on his back was being bubbled up due to the air and poop coming out the top of his diaper and gradually turning his clothes various shades of "ugh" by the second.

It took me a while to get up to change him.. I was laughing too hard.... and he smiled the whole time.

Only in church.. and only my kid.


J: forget this push mowing the yard crap... I think we need to go get that riding lawn mower NOW.
Me: Why?
J: too hot to be spending all weekend mowing this yard!!
Me: I will be released to exercise on Friday... then I will start mowing it again like I did before delivery.. at 39 weeks pregnant! Big baby.. its not a big deal!
J: it wasn't 100 degrees!
Me: no.. just 90!
J: Well, if you think we ought to wait....



D: Mommy... I want...???
Me: What baby.. what do you want?
D: I want...???
Me: What?
D: I dunno?
Me: well, let me know when you know.
D: But mommy!
Me: Yes baby?
D: I want....???
Me: what baby?
D: I want....??
*looked at me kinda funny for a minute...
D: Mommy?
Me: Yes baby?
D: I want...??

*This is a daily occurrence...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fat lip

see that pretty boy???

He came to me yesterday with a fat and bloody lip...

at the gentle *eyeroll* hand/fist of his big brother.

the fighting is getting old...

Monday, June 7, 2010

2 things of note...


I put a site counter on this blog 3 days ago... I have had 54 visitors and not 1 comment... show the love peps.


Corgan had his 1 month check today...

8lbs, 7oz, 20.75 inches long.
He has surpassed Gavin's 3 month sizes and D's 2 month sizes.
That hilarious... especially considering he weighted LESS than D at birth. ha

But he is perfect... just another 4 weeks and he gets the dreaded shots... lets hope it goes by real slow.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Who's who

I keep getting the question... "who does Corgan most look like?"
Well.. I have been saying a mixture of all his siblings...
I can't compare Mercy and Grace with him, but the chin.. that is Grace.. the feet and green bean toes... that's Mercy...
Now... compare the other two..



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He's my perfect mix.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Post by Corgan

OK... so mom wanted to take some pictures.. No biggie... I am game.
I figure she wants a good shot.. boom

I gave her a cute one on the first shot.
Ok.. maybe she wants 'inquisitive' baby...

no? Ok... OH.. she wants my head up to mark in my baby book how strong I am...

another no?.. ummm maybe that wasn't impressive enough.. I will try to roll it on over...

Well hell... she stopped me... guess that's not it either.
uhh.. OH... 'IN YO FACE' baby..

Well craphole... I don't know what that heifer is looking for... oh well.
that's it.. I am spent..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Free Canvas Print


If you were smart enough to check my blog today,.. lucky you.

You can cash in on a free canvas print.

You upload a picture, choose 8x10 print (you can upgrade to bigger prints for very little), choose NO FRAME and NO EFFECT... and boom..

All you do is pay $14.95 for shipping and handling and like that, I just saved you $55.00.

Your welcome.

I cashed in and got the following picture done...

He knows too much

So, G is very curious... and inquisitive...
Always asking questions.


The other day, he was outside naked (like you do) and playing with his "nuts"...

a term his father has affectionately taught him...

and was examining his testicles.... rolling them around and whatnot until I finally said "G, stop doing that.. you are going to hurt something.. or something."

that is when the questions began... should have just kept my mouth shut.

"Mom, what is this" as he is squeezing
"They are testicles son"
"What do they do?"
"They make sperm baby"
"What do sperm do?"
"They help make babies. Now, go talk to your father about it because I am not discussing this with a 4 year old."

I am dreading the day when he figures out (which I totally didn't think about at the time) that what HE has helps make babies, but mommies, who don't have ding-a-lings, carry the baby.... I am not ready for those questions...

I really need to start thinking more about my answers to his questions... then start lying.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 weeks old yesterday

Looks like Corgan is going to make his weekly anniversary a milestone day... at 2 weeks, he smiled at the boys... at 3 weeks he lost his cord... at 4 weeks...

he rolled over.

No.. I am not kidding... we were settling down for the night and was giving him some tummy time before bed to get out all the gas so he could get ungassy and worn out before night night and the little booger head decided he wanted to be on his back...

I guess between his long bow legs and those green bean toes he has, he's got the leverage, but DANG.

I was putting clothes away and J was laying there with him and said "Casey, he just rolled from his stomach to his side, nevermind.. he got to his back"

If someone comments about "making room for another".. gonna come through the computer..

Just sayin'.