Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Complete randomness

I just got finished reading a book about a family of 7 who lived on $20,000 a year and who had everything paid for... including their 3500 square foot home. Some of their methods were extreme... I mean, I am not going to move to a different town just to get more house for my money.. I will do what I can in the town I live... and even then, I am picky about the part of town I WON'T live in. But, I am going to keep the book around for "oh yeah" ideas.

One of my twin cousin's just recieved a scholarship award from the place my granny retired from 2 years ago. IBEW gives our a scholarship award every year. This year, they included an honorary 2nd scholarship in my grandmother's name and gave it to my other twin cousin. I wish I had people throwing money at me when I graduated.

I am sick and not feel up to par at all. I am hacking and stopped up and all of that. Upper respiratory infection is what the minor med said... they gave me a steroid shot in my butt on Friday.. I am still waiting for that to kick in.

I am leaving you with this crappy post, because I feel the need to. I leave you with a pic of the boys being seperated for the first (should have been 100th) time.


Joye said...

This pic is classic. How do they get along for the most part? From this looks like they fight like brothers. heheh

Emmilu said...

I don't know how you do it! I guess the probably entertain each other though... sometimes I wish mine had someone to play with.