Monday, July 28, 2008


Good Monday all. Hope the weekend allowed some restful nights.

We went on our yearly camping/canoeing trip to the Buffalo River this weekend. Our buds, Steph and Jay, meet up with us there this time and it was just the 4 of us.

Friday night, we arrived shortly after dark and pitched our tent, laid out the air matteresses and sleeping bags and made a drink. We started to watch 'The Bucket List' with the DVD player when the rain started trinkling down, so we jumped in the tent to finish it up... that is when the DVD player battery died. Oh well, we just went to sleep... as much as we could considering it poured down hard all night.

This was our view when we woke. (that is our tent in the pic).

Steph and Jay showed close to 10 and we got our canoes and got dropped off about 5 miles up river. We had a blast. Can't wait for the 8 mile next year.. or maybe the overnighter??

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Jessica said...

I LOVE floating the Buffalo! Glad yall had fun!