Thursday, June 25, 2009

OH OH OH.. so much to post about

Well.. since the last post, so much has happened...

Me and J have decided instead of letting each other sleep in... we are going to take the boys once they wake up and we are going to walk a daily walk until it is time for the boys to eat and time for J to get ready for work. I mapped it out and it is approximately 2.1 miles that we walk every morning. We have come to love it and the boys can't wake up fast enough to go out. In the afternoon we give the boys and option to go swimming or walking another 2 miles... mostly, they opt for swimming.

Speaking of swimming... D is a waterbug. Right now we have him in a stage 2 water float suit.... but even in it, he jumps into the pool not stop and sinks to the bottom and comes up cackling... he loves it and loves being under water. I think we are going to put him in stage 3 arm floats... G on the other hand would rather just float, watch, and follow people around. His hair getting wet is really not a option he would like to consider.

OH.. and does anyone know what a Code Adam is? I didn't... until our little trip to Walmart.... it did something to my heart when I heard "Code Adam, Code Adam, approximately 3 year old male, blonde hair, khaki shorts, green polo, and blue flip flops last seen in baby clothes running in direction of home and garden... I repeat, Code Adam." then you see security come out of nowhere and lock down exits and entrances.... and you swear the whole time you are going to whoop the dog mess out of him because he ran off and hid from mommy and daddy.. then the Walmart employee brings your baby to you and he is off his rocker in tears of fear... so you don't whoop him and give him a stern talking to... then he does it again at church that night... nice right.

Also, the first week you didn't hear from me, J's great aunt was in the hospital have issues with breathing. She is fine now, but it kept Ka-Ka hopping.

Then last Thursday night came along, which was the day before we were due to leave for Memphis for an all day wedding and boom.. Dad called and lets us know that they were admitting my mother into the hospital and running a CAT scan, ECOcardiogram, and blood work because her blood pressure shot up to 205 over something.... when those showed nothing, Friday morning, they did an MRI and MRA to make sure the high number didn't cause any kind of stroke or anything... needless to say, we headed out as soon on Friday as we could. They ended up releasing her on Friday evening with 2 scripts for her high blood pressure with nothing more of a reason than she was 54 years old.... nice right.

All in all we had a great time during the weekend spending time with family and friends that are close enough to be family... the wedding was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous. Period.

We got back and our goal of wearing the boys out everyday was working... until yesterday... G's fever spiked up to 102 off and on all day... then at 8pm, spiked up to 103... we ended up getting it down with a bath, but at 1am, it was now spiking at 104.3... while J and Berek were getting ready for a ride to the ER, I was sponging G down with a rag and getting him to drink water.... Thankfully, after they took blood and urine, they determined it was just a virus.. but unfortunately it has to run its course and we just have to keep dealing with the fever... they didn't expect it to last more than a few days....

Good thing too because we are heading to Dollywood on Monday... we won't be back until extremely late Tuesday night, then we are heading out again on Saturday the 4th and heading for Gulf Shores... we won't be back from there until the 11th.

Oh, and the house...
everything is waiting on go... they have strung up framing on where the house is going to go on the lot, permits are in place, everything is waiting on Earl to get back from vacation....
I know, right
Anyways, because we have to have a septic system, the county has to approve the field lines on the lot in conjunction with where the house will sit... Earl is the one who approves, and once he gets back from his vacation, he is going to be behind... they don't expect anyone to start anything for another couple of weeks... so hang tight.

and because I always like to see pics... and since I am not on my computer doing this... lets see what pics Ka-ka and Pops have of the boys....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Weekend

So J has been out of town since Sunday and got back late last night... boys were very happy to see daddy this morning.... and yeah yeah yeah, I was happy to see him last night, blah blah blah.
He brought them some swag from the conference/show that he went to... they love it... and have already in 2 hours, broken most of them. WHOOHOO.

OHOH pictures.

G thinks he is a bigger boy than he is... and D has too much hair. I keep it though because when he sweats, it curls up like crazy and I think it is too cute... nevermind the remarks from Pops about putting bows in it.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I plan on doing nothing.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I would be surprised if anyone was out there reading this.. but oh well.

I am still trying to get the hang out of the set up here and getting some computer time and me time and plenty of kid time and exercise time... my computer time seems to be lacking.... and exercise time... but I am getting the latter back dadgumit!!

I get on the puter enough to check my google reader with all the blogs I like.. of course 491 are still presently not seen... and I check my email... I research decor ideas... and of course, I had to get on to see this...

I will wait as you absorb the awesomeness of it.

Good thing about this computer set up.. G is learning how to work it well. I pull up this trailer and he watches it intently and then mouses his way around and clicks replay over and over and over again... he loves to watch the clip....

man after my own heart.

I haven't updated much on them..

Kinks are still being worked out.
I am still trying to keep G from peeing in the dogs water bowl
I am still working on teaching them to stay in the play room and their bedroom for most of the day.
I am still adjusting to having them both in the pool with just me.
D is still throwing massive fits... but they have gotten somewhat better.
I haven't gotten any pics because I have to keep it hidden therefore haven't gotten it out much. I have looked and there are tons of pics of the boys toys that G has taken.

I promise, next time I update, I will include pics of the boys.

I promise.