Thursday, July 31, 2008

If it's not boke, don't fis it

For the past couple of weeks, I have had the hardest time getting G to stop unscrewing the footrest on the reclining sofa. He is not using tools, just perseverence and tiny hands, but he is getting the screws out and unhooking the footrest from the metal hinges they are suppose to stay on. It is funny to see actually, all you see is feet coming out from under the sofa.

He does this with everything... and everything ends up "boke". And he is always asking me to "fis it".. when I clearly can't.. even with my mommy superpowers.
Sunglasses (all 3 pair), check
Mobile, check
Hood to his F150, check

The boy takes everything he can apart.. thankfully, most can be put back together.. but now he is moving on...
He is moving onto things needing to be unscrewed...

Right now he is taking the stylus from his palm and trying to use it to unscrew the popper on one of his toys.

I wanted to get him a home depot set for Christmas... now I am second guessing it.

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