Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We were on day 42... and had showing #18.

Dude.. I am so tired.

I am also trying to read "Into the Wild"... you know that true story where that rich kid gave all his money to charity and decided to hitchhike and rough it for a while, then died in the wild in Alaska... yeah...
It is not that great.
It is slow going...
I see it more as "this spoiled brat who had everything given to him, decided to be Jack London without fully knowing that Jack London told his stories while being a glutton and being practically glued to a recliner while writing what he wrote. This KID was very ignorant in the way he decided to 'resist/rebel against his upbringing'".

I haven't posted about the boys in a while...

Ok... here goes.

D is getting really bad into the terrible twos while also going through 2 year molars breaking through and an upper chest infection... He has been a BLAST the past few days.

G just got finished with all his 3 year appointments and did it like a champ. We also visited the Pediatric and Adolescent Center to help get an idea of his night time ninja stuff.... she gave me some suggestions to try at night, and also wants him to get a Sensory Integration Disorder test.... so I am waiting on a call back from that.

Oh.. you want pictures to?
Geeze... so demanding..

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pearl Hill and Danielle Atha

Pearlie Lavern Hill
Paternal great-aunt of Casey, passed away Monday, 3/23/09 just 2 months shy of her 89th birthday. She was the last remaining sibling of Clifford Hill Sr.
She was cremated and insisted on no type of memorial.

Danielle Hill Atha
Cousin of Casey, passed away Saturday 3/28/09 at 35 years old. She was involved in a car wreck and was pronounced dead on the fiery scene. She leaves behind 4 children and a very loving family. Her memorial service will be held Monday, at Strickland Funeral Home in Lavonia, GA.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

41 days

and we have our 17th showing today.

We had our 16th yesterday and were getting excited when their realtor was calling our realtor from the house asking questions like "are they willing to pay some closing costs... blah blah.."

We let our excitement get away with us.... they haven't put an offer up yet... but our realtor did talk to theirs more in depth and I found out that they are just starting to look but really liked the house. They have not made a decision and she doubt they would this weekend. Apparently, they looked in Arlington too, but their realtor said they were very budget conscience and knew that once they saw what their money would buy in Arlington, that they would come back this way to Lakeland.

Arlington versus Lakeland.... see, the houses in Arlington are almost exactly like the houses here... but newer... and much more expensive... just to put it in perspective, my realtor actually has a house listed in Arlington that is the exact floor plan as this house... exact... it doesn't have our yard, but it is like only 5 years old, were this one is 11. It is on the market for 40,000 more than this house.... shows you what 5 miles will do in Memphis.

Anyways, we will just keep on keeping on... it is getting tiresome... and my parents are getting over having the dogs their all the time... Babysitting is non-existent for us right now because we are over their with the kids so much.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

37 days

On the market for 37 days and we just had our 15th showing... the feedback on that one was that they were not at all interested.... but it showed well.

Oh well.

1 showing in every 2.46 days...
in this economy I will take it...

but but but

it is really getting on my nerves.

and I think the foreclosure on the corner sold... so that will get it out of our hair....

Just a waiting game now.. I guess the right people will come along... eventually.

I will just keep watching my new movie until time to move and have something else to do....

"You are like my own personal brand of heroin."... swoon...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

I finished them both.

My heart rate, stomach, or nerves have not recovered.

*UPDATE: I totally didn't understand why I was reacting physically to these books like I have been. Shaking so bad I had to read with the book on the table and me standing... I got nauseous after having to put the book down to take G to the eye doctor... Thinking my heart was going to literally jump out of my chest.... then on Wednesday morning when I had those same physically problems.. holy crap? Did I really just get that emotionally and mentally involved in a book?
I forgot to eat.
Last meal was Sunday afternoon and that was a bowl of mac and cheese.
Nice.. right.
so so sad.

Sorry, eventhough I don't hate Jacob...
I am totally


You could even get me this:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend wow...

#11: Last week... I had told you about this... - they will be revisiting the house this coming week. We are one of 2 they have picked out to revisit and will be deciding.

#12: Saturday morning.. new - ?
#13: Saturday afternoon.. new - He thinks he wants Arlington instead of Lakeland, but liked the house and has not made a decision.
#14: Sunday noonish... new/first time our realtor showed the house - of course the realtor loved it... but people wanted more square footage.... LIKE THE FORECLOSURE ON THE CORNER.

I finished Twilight on Friday mid-day... I finished New Moon on Saturday night.

Twilight had me all *swoon* oh action..some *swoon* 1 question I was pondering hard.

New Moon had me all *question answered* *swoon* NODONTYOUDARE *are you kidding me* DONTGOTHERE *AH hope!!*wow*SWOON*Dammit bella you ungrateful heifer!!! now I have another question I am pondering hard.

I know that makes no sense, but that is how it makes sense in my head.

J thinks it is funny seeing me so absolutely enthralled in these books.. because I don't read as much as I don't drink water.

But before this, the movie Romeo and Juliet was what I imagined the the idea love was. (This is totally the absolute romantic in me... not so much the reality of it). So completely and consumed by that of your love your heart and soul completely melting together inside your body from the mere thought of that person. A love that not a single other person could imagine... completely abnormal and shocking that it shook even you to the core. A love unimaginable while completely and utterly soul consuming. A love that you felt physically without a touch just as much as you felt emotionally without a word and mentally without a thought... at the same time, left you motionless, exhausted and sleepless.
*I am totally not giving my thoughts justice... I am just not a writer*

Then comes Edward and Bella.
A love I find more consuming than that of Romeo and Juliet...
Because, lets be honest, Edward was right...
Romeo was always kinda fickle.

I hit up Barnes and Noble on Sunday and bought both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn... and I got 20% off the movie... I saw that again too. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009



Only 1 update and won't talk about the house for the rest of the post...
#9 showing on Sunday... still no feedback.. doubt we will get any.. brushing this one off.
#11 Wednesday... The other realtor said "Showed great. This house is one of 2 they are wanting to take a 2nd look at next week. We will call when they are ready to schedule a reshowing with their parents."

And I found out the foreclosure 2 door down from me is going for 15,000 less than what I am on the market for AND it has about 300 square feet more.
It has been packed.


I have decided to start get back to my reading that I had put off. I restarted reading Twilight. I saw the movie the day it came out, but have not finished reading the book... I had just got through the first couple of pages..
I was the type of reader in HS that only read Cliff Notes. I never comprehended the book... I usually don't like reading at all because it takes me FOR.E.VER. to finish.

I started Twilight at about 7:30 last night... I drug my butt to bed at midnight on page 250.
I have watched the movie so I know somewhat of what is going to happen, but it still has a grip.

I need to finish to get to New Moon... so I am taking the day to not make sure the house is spotless, to let the boys have their Movie Friday.. and I am going to finish Twilight...

then stay up til Midnight prolly reading New Moon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

You have to decide...

*If you want to see a house update, scroll down.. I posted an update late yesterday afternoon.

I take pics of the boys around their birthdays and I usually choose 1 of each to blow up and hang on the wall.

You have to help me pick:
choose 1 of these 3 for D




Now G... again choose 1 of the 3.
*he was being soooo uncooperative.




Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Updates on the house

When I last left you, we had scheduled the 9th showing for Sunday... well, we had our 10th yesterday and our 11th today.

We haven't received feedback from the showing on Sunday, and the feedback we got back from yesterday's showing was the same ol' crap... "shows great, loved the house... we have 15 more to look at."

Let's be honest, it is a buyers market, we know that.. we get that.... but there are some people out there that really are looking for that "get everything for nothing" deal.

We are still awaiting feedback from the Sunday showing and the showing from today...

If they don't want that house then....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Well, it finally happnened

I got emotional about selling this house.

I love our house. I love having a big backyard in a cove in a good neighborhood. I liked being somewhat tucked away inside the neighborhood far enough away from busy streets. I love the addition of the covered back porch we had put on. I love we are one of the only houses in the neighborhood with vinyl siding. I love our flat stone decor around all the flowerbeds in the front. I love that my dog has a yard that his narcotic little butt will lay down in besides the field on the farm in Cookeville. (In our yard in Bartlett, he just paced and never laid down). I love that all the kids and parents come to our cove to play because it is the "place to play" in our neighborhood. I love the open floor plan of our house. I love my 2 person shower and I love that it is separate from the jacuzzi tub.

Yesterday we got another call to show the house. We knew it was coming because these same people were sitting outside our house the day before wanting to see it right then.

Usually, and you can ask J, Ka-ka, Berek, Nana, Pops... I turn into a ball of nervousness when I get these calls. I demand to get the dogs and kids out and I stage, scrub, wipe,.. everything. Yes, every time. Under and behind couches, I scrub the insides of toilets, I sweep out the closets, I organize the tuperware drawer.. because.. what if they opened it up???

Anyways, when we got the call yesterday, I wasn't nervous. I was pretty laid back about it... J left with the dogs and kids and I just started... not in the Taz way I normally do, but in a whatever type of way... crying the whole time.

They showed 15 minutes earlier than their scheduled time and caught me cleaning.... carpets never got vacuumed and the hardwood never got swiffered with the wood oil, oh and the kitchen never got mopped.

And it didn't bother me in the least.

then I cried some more.

We were closing on this house the week were in the hospital losing the girls. We had picked out this house to raise the girls since I was pregnant with them while we were looking.... We had such plans. When we lost them and closing had been put off due to circumstances with the lady buying our house in Bartlett, we actually opted to take a second look "under our new circumstances".

We still wanted it. Of course, our plans had now changed to put an oversized inground pool in and still have a lot of yard to play in.

Our course those plans changed and we were able to bring our 2 beautiful boys into this house to raise. This is their first home. The address is on their birth records... and I know whoever lives in her after us will change it... I hate that.. but I know the minute I put that sign in my yard, this was not our anymore...

If it was possible, I would have the lot and house picked up and moved to Wilson county. But, it just ain't happening and I need to get over that.

All of it is getting to me...
Watch, irony will bite my butt and these people will put in an offer...

We could only hope.

The showing yesterday, well those people ended up putting in an offer in on a house in Cordova. The realtor told my realtor "DON'T CHANGE A THING.. ITS A GREAT HOUSE"... so that makes me feel better.

The showing from the people that came during the party... well, it comes to find out that they are from out of town, he is interviewing for a job here and they are kinda being "tire kickers" and testing out the market based on the new possible income he has coming in. He won't know if he even has a job here until like next week or so, so ???

But our 9th showing has already been scheduled for Sunday afternoon... maybe more will come in before then... I will update you more on Monday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mother Nature needs some hormones

I think she is going through "the change".

Snow storm in Memphis like I haven't seen in years... 7 days later, it is like nice nice Spring weather and my kids are running outside in nothing but underwear and a diaper and I see my Bartlett Pear blooming like crazy...

Then, 2 days later... back in the 40's.

Someone needs to stabilize this heifer's mood.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am tired...

G has been being a night ninja again...

We thought the 1mg Melatonin was working... it did for a minute or two...

then it didn't anymore.

I called the Pedi and they advised me to up the dosage to 3mg.

I even got the time release kind.

It almost put him comatose immediately after we gave it to him... it was scary how exhausted he seemed right before bed....

It extended his night ninja time from 1am to 3am.

The Pedi called to see how it worked... I explained the above.

They are calling me back later with a different suggestion.

We have found a new alarm for his room that is used with Alzheimer patients that puts the "sound part" in our room... and also the alarm goes off for 2 minute or until we turn it off instead of just until the door is closed... because he has gotten the hang of getting out the door quick.

This is so sad that all this is for a 3 year old... an apparently very sneaky, sly, intelligent 3 year old.

Makes me wonder what his teenage years will bring.

This is why guppies eat their young.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Gavin

Gavin was awake and eating breakfast this morning when Nana did her call first thing to wish him a happy birthday and sing to him. She does it with everyone and I always thought it was a "mom is being funny sweet" before she did it with G with morning... I couldn't have loved it more. Now I understand why my mom does it to me and everyone else... It will definitely be something I look forward to every year.

Of course, D thought it was his turn after that...

And yes, we celebrated G's birthday Saturday, but he is officially 3 years old today.

And it is all blowing me away...

3 years ago today
I had a doctors appointment... I was having them every 2 days because 1)I was coming off bed rest, 2) I was dilated and only at 36weeks, 3days, and 3) he had stopped gaining weight in the womb... So every 2 days they would give me an ultrasound, estimate his weight, and check how dilated I was.

My mom was with me this Friday and we had gone to McDonald's where I had the worst egg mcmuffin I had ever eaten. Very disappointed.

So we go in, they give me the ultrasound, and estimate his weight at 5 lb, 9 oz.. same at the Wednesday and Monday before. Crap.

We go into the room and me and mom are talking about my concern for him not growing and that "ultrasound estimates can be very off and blah blah"... then the doc comes in and says..
"Well, here's the plan... Monday you will come in for a doc visit and we will take you over to the hospital and induce because he is not growing anymore."

me: "OH, ok... but are you going to check me today?"

Dr. "You think I ought to? You think you dilated some more?"

me: "I don't know... but I am here.. so?"

*he checks me... and AS he is checking me...

Dr: "Have you felt any contractions or anything..?"

Me: "No!, I have really felt great."

Dr: "Well then, we are changing plans."

Me: "WHAT? WHY?" *totally thinking I should have never said I felt good.. he is going to keep me preggo and worrying about my baby for nothing*

Dr: "Because you are in active labor. You are 5 cm, with a bulging bag. You need to go straight to the hospital. Here's a pad in case your water breaks on the way."

me: "Can I go home and get my bags?"

Dr: "no"

Me: "Can I grab a bite to eat?"

Dr: "Uh.. no"

Me and mom drove 5 minutes down the road and checked into the hospital about noon... My favorite L and D nurse was there waiting and she started putting in all the stuff in my arm.

Then J walked in and smelled like McDonald's hamburgers.... I almost ate his arm.

I made it clear that once this kid was out, I was getting 2 cheeseburgers and a large Pepsi... yes, someone will have to make a trip to 2 places, but I need Pepsi... not Coke. My Aunt Tina was put in charge of this mission.

about 1, my doc came in and broke my water and checked me again... still at 5cm but now with broken water.... he told me that I wasn't going to dilate if I didn't relax... BUT THEY WON'T GIVE ME A PEPSI!!

I got an epidural instead.

Kaka and Pops rushed in and arrived at about 3:15... nurse checked me at 3:20... I was fully dilated and ready to practice pushing... everyone was ushered out... I pushed once and the nurse said "OK, NO MORE PRACTICE"... she called the doc.. he showed about 3:50... 2 pushes later... G was here at exactly 4:00 pm.

NICU had to be in the room because he was under 37 weeks, but they didn't stay long and I knew he was healthy... but I just kept saying "He is so tiny... he is so tiny".. Doc just kept reassuring me that he was healthy tiny.

5 lb, 7 oz
18.5 in long

The doc finished up and said he was going to go out to the waiting room and tell the family that he has changed his mind and we are stopping labor... lol.

He thinks he is funny... So do I. I love this man.

Once the family came back in and the epidural and IV was out... I totally drank my Pepsi right there in the L and D room.

I was in heaven.. Pepsi in one hand.. my baby in the other.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Can I breathe YET?

Wow... sorry for the lack of posts here lately.

When last weekend was over, we were concentrating on nothing but G's big 3rd birthday party and Pops and Ka-Ka and Uncle Berek coming in town.

Berek hit town Tuesday, so did J from Baltimore... So Wednesday was a day off for J and we all went to Incredible Pizza Place. And had a blast...
The boys had their first Rootbeer Float and D won a giant stuffed pig... thank you momma for carting that thing around the whole.damn.time.

After 3 hours and carrying to really really tired babies to the car for a nice long nap at home... we got the call... they wanted to show the house in 30 minutes....


I got them to push it to 1 hour later and after loading J with kids and dogs, me and Berek scrubbed and jetted out....

We ended up having a nice night, hanging with my folks and eating at Applebee's.

*This brings up a side question... how do you discipline your kids in restaurants?
We do the same thing we do at home... if it goes far enough, I find a corner in dining area we are in and stuff them in it. I don't care if they cry and make a fuss.... What do you do?

Anyways, when we got back, we got feedback.... our first negative feedback and I was torn apart... my realtor knew it and called... she made me feel better... it seemed as if they were comparing my house to a house already "chosen" for this guy.... they griped because I don't have an island (it would look silly in my kitchen)... stuff like that... but I fixed what I could that they complained about... I painted the garage and updated the chandelier in the dining area. *this was done Friday night... you will find out why below.
(now every light in my house has been updated).
(and every room.. including where you park vehicles and not live).
I can't make the yard smaller... and I won't, even though that was a complaint as well.

On Friday, Ka-Ka and Pops arrived and we went to eat dinner.. where we received 2 calls... They want to show the house on Saturday (aka Birthday party). First one was not too bad... 10-11.. (they thought the house was too small... I guess they can't read sq.ft on MLS) fine, party doesn't start until 3... second call? They want to show it between 3:15-4:15... My response?
"We are having my son's birthday party at 3-5.. if you want to show it, you are more than welcome, but about 40 people will be here including us.. but you are welcome to come."

I totally didn't expect them to.

But they totally did come.

They walked the entire house and around people and kids running and cake being cut and kids playing basketball outside.. around chairs and presents and kiddy tables...

Specifically they said "Good house, great back yard.. this is our first showing, thanks for letting us come to the party".

I hope they will come back for a 2nd showing when no one is here... but they loved the back yard. (that is the reason we fell for the house).

Now the party is over (we will talk about that tomorrow) and I can't possibly do anymore to this house... so we are just on a "wait on the right people" time.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So, the house has shown a total of 3 times...
1st time: we are 2nd best to a house on a lake.
2nd time: they have just started looking and looked at 8 houses in 2 hours.. but they really liked it and apparently it shows well.
3rd time: Shows well and they too just started looking but the man thinks he wants bigger bedrooms.

So I totally googled "How to make rooms look bigger"... and knowing me.. I will prolly try to implement those changes... if I can. Like putting mirrors opposite light sources... changing the recliner to a chair with legs to give the illusion of more floor... angle bed to give the illusion of a longer diagonal in bedrooms... taking a tv out of the bedroom to free up more space.

I am out of control... someone needs to stop me.


D's finger is looking good. The bruising has almost gone away completely and it is back to original size.

See.. he's fine.


I made G's first dentist appointment. :(
He is getting so big... and I can't believe a week from today he will be 3.


You know... I am been to On The Border 2 times in like 2 years. Both times, my friend I am having dinner with has broke the news that they are pregnant. How cool is that!!! And so very weird.


Melatonin seems to be working pretty well for G. He has had some adventures but they don't seem to start until about 5am. So he has kinda stopped the middle of the night adventures. shooo.


Does "Horton Hears a Who" the movie, make anyone else cry? For some reason when Horton says "A person's a person, no matter how small", I like boohoo on the inside. Every time I/G/D watches it... which is at least once on Movie Fridays.


We had a playdate last Tuesday with my cousin, Renee and her little boy, Jackson. We had a good time and I can't wait to do it again. Jackson is getting so big!!


"Special instruction" for the boys for early intervention has set up their appointments to come out and start working on the boys. D's speech evaluation is tomorrow and it will be determined if outside of the special instruction he will also need speech therapy.
The special instruction is just something I requested. It is mainly to help me determine a good way that the boys learn easily.... so it is mainly for me to learn to teach them the way they learn best... it isn't like anything the boys "need".. it is something I do.


We got our income tax refund and I am pumped!!! I love tax time.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

When it rains... it pours.

It is kind of a joke amongst the Hill family that something can't be simple... it just can't... it ends up going to the point of being laughable at the end.

This weekend a yard sale for us has been planned and we were going to have it Friday and Saturday. We started setting up and organizing on Thursday.. my mom took the day off and her and me and the boys were outside organizing and it was going good. J took his lunch break to run to McDonald's (G's totally fav place to eat) to get us all lunch.

The we heard a crash and a scream from D we have never heard before.

Well, we have a Gorilla ladder. If you have one, you know it is heavy as hell.

Apparently, D decided it was a good idea to pull it down off the wall, BUT not to let go. His hand was crushed underneath it. When I looked at his hand the middle knuckle was already bruised and swollen and the middle finger looked stiff and deformed. I couldn't tell if the deformity was from swelling (yea, it swelled up that fast) or from a broken finger.

We ended up talking to the pedi who said "don't bring him here.. we need xrays".. so off to the hospital J and D went... left at 12 to return after 5... but we won't go into that.

While the boys were at the hospital and me and mom was working with the stuff for the next two days, the answering service called and they want to show the house... from 4-5... Garage sale is ending at 3. It will be fine.. show the house.

Thank God the xrays looked great.. he was just swollen really bad. And by the time they got home tons of the swelling had gone down. Now it just looks like a black finger.

Mom and I finished up organizing and went to bed... 5am comes early.

Thunderstorms rolled in before we went to bed.. Great.

Rain stopped about 6am so that is when me and mom started putting the stuff out.

Traffic was pretty steady all day til about noon... about then is when I got J to get the boys and both dogs out and to mom's house so I can clean and let my mom deal with the garage sale stuff. We figured putting stuff in the garage around 3 would give plenty of time for us to be gone by 4. When traffic was slow, mom would come in and help pick up while I scrubbed...

About 3 mom started putting things away outside...

A customer came right then... lets called her BBR for Big Booty Reseller. (you know, those people who talk you down so they can gather stuff to resell it.)
She kept my mom running until 3:45 with this and that and just "OMG LEAVE ALREADY".

When she left my mom did great and by 3:55 had everything in the garage...

The another customer came... they had their eye on only one item thank goodness but was taking time trying to get my mother down on price...

At 3:56 I yelled out the door "Every needs to be off these premises in 4 minutes.. including us."

I took a quick look at gmail before putting up the laptop and boom.. and email..

"they are doing the virtual tour of your house on Saturday between 12-1."

They got the hint and bought their item and left.. my mom walked in the house at 3:58...
We didn't get out of the house until 4:12. (Oops).

We went to moms, got a shower, played with the kids... and convinced J, the boys, my dad and the dogs that it would prolly be best for everyone to stay at my parents until after the virtual tour tomorrow...
They agreed, we ate dinner.. and mom and I went back to my house to sleep.

Right before we fell asleep, thunderstorms rolled in. Double great.

It had quit raining by 6 so mom and I set everything up.. it was little slower this time around because 1) we were a little sorer, and 2) it was a lot colder.
But it got done...
A few customers came.
We started getting hungry, so before I went to McDonald's for breakfast, I put up more signs around the neighborhood and all the main entrances to our neighborhood, because the previous ones had gotten good and soaked from the past rain.
Last one I put up was a Canada Road... then headed to breakfast...

When I returned on the same route.. I noticed signs were gone...
DAMN HOODLUMS!! I thought.

I got back and my poor mom was SWAMPED with customers.. Lesson here: signs are good.

Things slowed and we began to eat.. right as we did a man walked up and he wasn't looking at everything so we thought he was looking for something in particular...

He was...

Apparently it was against Lakeland city ordinance to put any signs up anywhere besides your own yard.

He was nice enough to rip them all down for me. And he was nice enough to escort the lady who was there out to the county road because she said she could not find her way out without those signs.

About 11:30 I straighten the mess mom and I had made in the house awaiting the lady to do the virtual tour.. and we were freezing.

She showed around 12:55 and liked to talk.

About 2:15 mom came in the house and said she was closing up everything because it was raining... I figured, sounds about right.

She was still taking pictures at 2:27 when I got the call that they are again wanting to show the house today between 3-5.

I went out to let mom know the plan and saw she was an ice cube.. that rain was actually sleet.

We finally got the virtual tour lady out of the house at like 2:55, we got everything staged and we were out... great timing..
Sleet was coming down and I had talked to J and everyone there was napping...

We were orphans.. can't go to my house, can't go to mom's house... We went to Glenda's...

We were there for like 30 minutes when we looked outside and the sleet was bigger and badder than ever... and decided we needed to just go back to mom's house...
that is normally just a 15 minute drive on back roads... within that 15 minutes, it went from sleet to blinding snow.

We were debating whether or not it would be best to just stay at mom's over night... but J decided he needed to get on the road to Nashville to catch a flight to Baltimore.... he ended up leaving this morning and hit the road at exactly 5am.

He has yet to make it the 60 miles to Jackson at 8:30. His flight is at 11.

We made quite a bit for the weather for a garage sale
Showing a house 3 times in the first 2 weeks on the market in this economy is good.
the snow is gorgeous.