Friday, August 1, 2008

Going Cheap Friday

Let's discuss bread.
First, don't buy bread at the grocery store!! You will see why in my explaination of prices. And if you have the room and are comfortable with it, freeze loaves for the future.

Ok, down to the nitty gritty. We eat about a loaf a week in this house. So, about 52 loaves a year.
Wonderbread, Kroger = $2.59
Kroger brand, at Kroger on a typical sale = $1.00
Shnucks brand, at Schnucks on a typical sale = $1.00
Sunbeam bread store, average price = $0.75
Sunbeam bread store, sale price = 4 loaves, for $1.00, so $0.25
*You have to watch them to find the sale.

So if we switched from the Wonderbread at Kroger to the sale priced Sunbeam store, then we are saving a total of $121.68.

Keep your eye on bread stores! More than likely, grocery stores are buying from them in some form or fashion, makes sense they would be more expensive.

Running total: $160.20 for milk, $219.00 for yogurt, $121.68 for bread = $500.88

Give me some ideas before the weekend, and I will research it for next Friday.


Jessica said...

Wow! I wish we had a bread store! You can usually get cheap treats there, too, like powdered donuts...not that I in any way need powdered donuts...

sterlingirl said...

I don't go to the bread stores cuz I thought their products were close to the sell by date. Am I wrong? Maybe I should start going.

The Busy Whiteaker baby makes 4.....well...three boys and a mommy...... said...

for the Whiteaker clan and "what the hell is this?". Where do you guys live and Arrie vina Elrod and Oscar Whiteaker (my great grandparents) who had my Grandfather Beecher Cecil Whiteaker later, Two Beechers +prego Mommy = The Whiteakers