Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, we had a very busy weekend, but it was great.
First, J and I had our 6th wedding anniversary... Here is a pic of us 10 years ago.. this was the first pic ever taken of us... Goodness, we look young...

Excuse my hairup, sweaty look.. this was right after a ball game.

How did we celebrate?? Well, we officially won't celebrate until Ron White comes to the Grand Casino on September 13th. But, we still had a good one spending time with Pops, Kaka, the boys and going to the Delta Fair.
The boys had a blast. G rode all the rides he could and D was pretty content NOT riding the rides.. good thing since he was still a little too short.
Of course they both rode the horses and fed the goats and such, and of course LOVED it.

Of course, for some reason, I was sick most of the weekend. Don't know why, but anyone who knows me knows I don't require that much sleep.. of course this weekend I couldn't get enough. I was up most of the night Saturday puking so much of Sunday for me was spent sleeping, then Monday, I slept some more after lunch and J was still gracious enough to let me sleep in every morning. ok.. enough of that.

Did you have a good weekend?



Joye said...

I LOVE that pic of yall from 10 years ago :) sweet. and that horse nose. hilarious. the boys as always adorable. congrats!

Emmilu said...

Congratulations on your anniversary Looks like yall had fun at the fair. Those boys are cuties! Hope you feel better soon!