Friday, August 29, 2008

Going Cheap Friday

First, I am so sorry by the lack of posts, but bear with me.. I will come back more... right now just dealing with stuff and I have had a monster headache/migraine/whatever for like 4 straight days now. So bad poor J is getting up during the night to put a purse over the alarm clock because HOLY CRAP COULD THAT LIKE BE ANY BRIGHTER!!! PHOENIX, QUIT LICKING YOUR FEET, THE NOISE IS KILLING ME! I would blog when the kiddos sleep, but I have been napping too.

Back to the reason for today... saving money!

Ok, so J has been working hard at quitting smoking... and guess what people, he is doing great... he hasn't had a cigarette in days. So proud. Now, he wasn't a big smoker, but he was one.. about 1/2 a pack a day.. about 10 cigarettes a day for those who don't know.

Now he smoked Marlboro Lights. We were buying them at $34.55 a carton.
Here's the breakdown, 10 packs per carton, 20 cigarettes in a pack... $0.17 per cigarette.

Therefore, not smoking, J will save us $620.50 per year. Let's check that, $0.17 per cigarette, 10 cigarettes per day, 365 days per year.
(0.17)*(10)*(365) = $620.50 per year.

Running total: $160.20 for milk, $219.00 for yogurt, $121.68 for bread, $738.40 for diapers, $408.80 for lunchmeat, $620.50 for J cigs = $2,268.58

So so very proud of you J. Keep up the good work babe... tons of people rooting for you.


Anonymous said...

Good job, J! The cost alone is worth it, not to mention the positive example he is setting for the boys.

Emmilu said...

Good for him!! That's single best thing he can do to improve his current and future health! The money you will save is great too!