Friday, September 26, 2008

Going Cheap Friday

Hey all. I know it has been a few weeks since an interesting post about how we are saving money. Sorry.. send me things to take a look at.

Some things I use to save.. I can't necessarily pinpoint how much we have saved, or in this case, made too with this topic.

Online resources for saving money.
1) Memphis Online Garage Sale: this is a yahoo group that I am a part of. You can get seperate messages for each post or you can get a daily digest of people selling or even looking to purchase items. I have bought a few things for next to nothing and sold quite a bit. Easy way to sell items you would in a garage sale without the hassle of having one. Find a group in your area. I will warn you though, use your best judgement with security. If I sell something, I always have people meet J (a man) away from my home address, or I will deliver it. I don't what strangers knowing where I live.

2) Memphis TN Area Freecycle: This is a online yahoo group where people will say "hey, I got this, you want it.. come get it". They don't want to fight with selling it and are just giving it away... I have found great coupons that people will mail to you (or J's work, hehe.. security). I know some people have even gotten never opened cans of formula and stuff like that. Find it in your area.

3)Freepeats: Online community, one time fee, similar to that of Freecycle. People are just giving stuff away. Most of this is baby or child or maternity related, but it is still something.

4) Baby Cheapskate: These wonderful woman do so much work. And to catch the savings, go there every day. Great great site.

5)Cheap Stingy Bargins: Now, this just has everything. Just look. You can really get some good deals on stuff. This is a good one for Dad too. Electronics, cooking.. whatever... just go.

6) Freebies 4 Mom: Sample, coupons, and just some tips. This site it great. Really something to look at. Especially for moms.

7)Mom Finds: Another good one for mom. Let them do the work and you reap the benefits!

8) Money Saving Mom: Good one. I love these sites! But you really need to find the one you like the best, because sometimes you get repeat information.

9) Mommies With Cents: Good one.. and they give you ideas for stocking stuffers and Easter basket stuffers and such.

When you go to these sites, you can find links to even more money saving sites. Just grab a hold of your interests.
Happy hunting.

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