Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Biggest Loser, Episode 2 recap

Sorry you didn't get this update yesterday. We meet Nana for lunch and right before we left, I started to feel sick. I couldn't eat and the sheer smell of everyone else's food had me on the edge. When I came home, I got rid of basically everything in my stomach and J came home and gave me some time to sleep. I feel much better this morning... so far.

Ok, back to the show...

When Colleen first took the challenge on losing 2.4% of the weight, I took it as "OMG, how cocky can you get. I know Jerry can do more this week and all, but that is awfully arrogant." The entire show, I was just hoping she would get her butt in trouble, although I hated it for her dad, who really needs to be there.

Like Jillian and Bob were saying, week 2 is consistently disappointing for the contestants. I mean, how do you go from losing 20 something pounds in a week to less than 10 the next. Plays alot of the mind.

Then came the challenge. *Yawn*. Heba and Ed won... I guess since their heads were on the chopping block last week, they figured they better step it up. They won a call home, but they also won a call for another couple that they have to decide who. They gave it to the Red team, Phil and Amy. Heba's reasoning for them to get it, because they have an autistic child, they thought it would be beneficial for him to get to talk to his parents. Very sweet.. and possible good strategic move.

Now with previous seasons, I would not ever consider talking strategy or competition. Normally, at this point, the contestents are still "who needs/deserves to be here" mode... it seems that this season, they are already checking and trying to eliminate competition.

The Gray team, The Athlete team, and the Yellow team, the Teddy Bear team, fell below the yellow like, but the Gray team, Tom and L.T. got voted off. Hell, the Orange Team, Heba and Ed, who got 2 votes in their favor last week BY the gray team even voted for them... which shows me that Heba and Ed are already out for blood.

Bye Bye Gray team, they got rid of you because you were a threat... simply that and that alone.

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