Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How can the potty be so cute?

Potty training G... or G potty training himself has been interesting. Frustrating and exciting and well, an experience in itself. But I have, for the most part, let him do what he wants. He has walked around this house all summer completely naked and pottying when he wants and peeing in the floor when he wants. I was reluctant to scold him for 'having an accident' in the floor.. then it hit me one day.. HE KNOWS BETTER DADGUMIT!
So one day I saw him sit there, realize he was about to pee by grabbing himself, then he just let it flow in the floor... well, I told him that was bad, and he knew better and he spent a little time in the corner. I put on big boy underwear and he said "no pee on Manny!" I told him he was right, he is not to pee pee on Handy Manny and he needs to go to the potty when he needs to pee pee.

From that point on, he has worn his big boy pants every moment except naps and night night. He was doing so well, we ventured out to the store and out to eat with underwears and he has had NO accidents when we have been out *knock on wood*. In the past few weeks we have had just a few accidents around the house, but we were not making any leeway from those accidents.

So this week we started a smiley face chart. It includes getting smiley faces when you pee in the potty, poop in the potty, tell mommy you have to go to the potty, flush the potty and wash hands. Now we get big ugly X's when we have an accident but nice big smiley faces that G calls "momma faces" when we do good. The past 2 days, we have received 2 X's. One for having a poopy accident, and one for not washing our hands.

This chart has made him so excited and when Dada gets home, G is so excited to show Dada what he did that day. The smiley faces have him so excited.

D wants in on this smiley face action and there ain't NO way I am trying to potty train a 19 month old!

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Emily said...

We have recently started something like this too. We have been potty training in some form for about a year. He was 15 months old when we first brought out the potty. So by now he really knows what to do. We have been going out in big boy pants for about 6 months. He never has an accident in public, but has them all the time at home. I am about to start punishing for accidents because i know he can do it.