Monday, September 8, 2008

Enough to break a heart... and a wedding!

I know.. another wedding, right?! lol.
Here's the dealio.. my uncle had a wedding date set of 11/1/08. All Saint's Day... they picked it because they thought it was somewhat ironic... moving on..
Ok.. so they are getting married in November in a small ceremony in downtown Memphis in a little house/chapel where they can invite like 20 some people then we are going to Paulette's for a reception that their friends have booked and planned already.
Then came Wednesday and they came by where we were price stuff for a garage sale and let us know "Hey, btw, we are getting tomorrow at 3:30 down at juvie hall." (that is where my uncle works)... "My buddy, Judge so and so, is going to marry us."

jaw drop

"Cool deal".

Welcome to the family Nikki.

So, J has gone out of town again. Only overnight, but he sat down with G last night and explained how he would not see him until like Tuesday night. G didn't think anything about it until this morning when Dada was not here to say bye to or watch leave or NUTTIN'!!!
What do you do??
You claw at the garage door and look underneath because if you cry loud enough or claw long enough.. things will eventually come your way, right?

How about if you scream DADA loud enough.. he ought to come through, right?

Surely it doesn't take that much longer than the inital 45 minutes!, right?

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Emmilu said...

That little blonde head looks just like the one at our house from the back! What a cutie!