Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Biggest Loser, Episode 1 recap

The Biggest Loser started last night and since I LOVE this show and watch it will laying on the couch eating Baskin Robbins, I thought I would give you my insight.

The season is divided into 2 sets.. Bob and Jillian's teams. Bob has the married couples where Jillian has the parent and child duos. Both started with 4 pairs a piece.

First to go was team Green from Bob's side.

I didn't 100% love the green team, but I had more people I didn't like more. Did they deserve to leave? No. They were a little arrogant, as seen while laughing and cutting up during one of the first workouts... who does that.. who laughs and cuts up during a workout with Bob? Just wrong! The same trainer who had at least 1 puking on the sidelines...

Which brings me to the next couple who was up for elimination.. Heba and Ed, team orange. Actually, between team orange and green, I wanted to keep team orange.. so I guess I got my way.

So this is how I see the teams for the upcoming season..
Team Brown: Vicky and Brady - Team with a lot to do this for, but Vicky is LAZY... she gets on my nerves and if I were Brady, I just might have to scream.. but they have a little girl they are doing this for, which gives them my sympathy vote.
LABEL: Sympathy team.

Team Red: Phillip and Amy - these 2 are sneaky.. so far they have kept a low profile and put up good numbers. They are use to working together as a team because they do the whole real estate thing together and they have a child who is Autistic. So they are use to have to work together very much for a common goal.
LABEL: Strong Willed team

Team Orange: Heba and Ed - Ed was already trying to give up in some of his workout and Heba got into his butt. Of course, these 2 are newlyweds, so this isn't the first and foremost thing on their minds. They were seen doing a lot of drinking and partying, which might just distract the whole "losing weight" factor. These were the only 2 seen to have thrown up through the workouts though.
LABEL: Hearts are not in it team.

Team Yellow: Jerry and Coleen - I just want to hug Jerry. He is the sickest contestant... to the point of not being able to work out more than 30 minutes a day... he can't do the challenges.. but he lost 17 lbs the first week despite all of that. Coleen is a daddy's girl and you can see it in her that she would do anything for him. I love this team. Yet, I don't think they will last long... one day they will fall below the yellow line and get eliminated... and I will be sad. :(
LABEL: Teddy Bear team

Team Purple: Shellay and Amy - I hate this team. Classic whiney ass daughter meets completely enabling mother and it makes me sick. Amy is a tit baby and Shellay (pronounced shell-a) reminds me of a snobby ass rich mom that has kids that can do no wrong in her eyes, but in reality are complete and total f-ups that will probably kill her off to get the house because they 'shouldn't have to' get a job...
LABEL: Enabling/Tit baby team

Team Gray: Tom and Tom (or LT for little Tom) - Father son team that I think just might go quite a ways in this competition. They have the potential... ok, so LT does, and surely it comes in genes, right? LT was on a 3 time state championship football team, so he knows what it means to be part of a team and how to work out... Tom on the other hand has never seen the inside of the gym. He weighs a heck-of-a-lot less than his son though. Men+exathletes+young = usually pretty successful. Just look at Matt Hoover.
LABEL: Athlete team

Team Pink: Renee and Michelle - there is some baggage that needs to be worked through here. Renee left Michelles father when Michelle was little and out of 3 girls, only took 2 and left Michelle... ouch. She still cries talking about it... there will come a point this baggage is going to get in the way... Jillian is good about working out that baggage, so hopefully they will get a hold before they get kicked off.
LABEL: Baggage team

Who am I rooting for???

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