Monday, September 15, 2008

Totally random crap

There won't be any rhyme or reason to this post.. like there ever is, right?

If you ever wanted to buy me anything.. I would love to have THIS book or THIS one would be good too.

Ron White ROCKED this weekend! I adore this man.. funny, funny, funny. Surprisingly, I saw 21 year olds to 80something year olds... we actually had one of them 80 year old couples right next to us. The show was hilarious. He talked alot about THIS. He said he got caught with 7/8 of a gram... that is 0.875 gram... that is equivalent to 0.03 ounces. Can't fathom that small of weight... ok, in comparison, a baby during a pregnancy at about 10 weeks along is approximately 2 inches long and weighs approximately 0.3 ounce.. NOW, divide that by 10. I know, I know.. it was pot and he broke the law, except in California where he lives because he does have a prescription. Anyways, he rocked and after all expenses paid, we left $300.00 richer. Well, J did.. and yes, it is my fault he didn't win more.. I made him leave the table at 2am.. I was tired.

The boys were exhausted after playing with Pops and Ka-Ka all weekend... But I am sure they good for them all weekend.. lol.. or not. Pops has decided D is the most stubborn child he has met. Yes, he is stubborn. lol

Oh.. THE BIGGEST LOSER comes on Tuesday.. SEASON PREMIER.. so so so excited! can't wait. Love that show.

Sorry, but I am tired and this day is draggin' by... Draggin'.

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