Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap up

Well, we had a busy but nice weekend. Saturday I help a friend move while J kept the boys, then we all went to my brother's house to help him celebrate his 31st birthday. Nana and Granddaddy took the boys to their house from there and J and I stayed to hang out. We had a good time. Sunday, J and I slept in and then met up with his cousin Amanda and her husband Jeff. It was really nice to see them and give them time with the boys since my parents met up with us for lunch. Poor babies were so tired. They went to bed for a nap immediately after lunch and slept until 6 last night. And believe it or not, when 8 hit, it wasn't hard to get them back to bed for the night. Now before I left to help move, I discovered a few things "the boys" do while I am away and it is starting to explain why the boys are the way they are.


Emily said...

OH my goodness... that would freak me out. Brian probably does the same thing when I am gone.

Jessica said...

Oh wow!!! BOYS! You would think he would at least be careful not to do that near the big-screen tv!! Too funny!