Sunday, September 7, 2008


This week has been crazy busy and that is why you haven't seen a lot of posts. Monday was a holiday, J was out of town Wednesday - Thursday, those days I was at my granny's old house with my mom and the boys getting stuff ready for granny's garage sale, Friday and Saturday was garage sale. Also, Nana and Granddaddy wanted to take the boys to Delta Fair.. so we went last night. G rode all the rides he wanted and had to be turned away for most of the ones he wanted because he is oh... a baby.. ok, a toddler.. ok a kid, but a WIDDLE kid... he thinks he is much bigger than he his.. anyways, he found a new ride he wanted to try. But being little, he would just hang because he didn't have enough weight... so the lady manning the thing helped him... she bounced him a bit.. the dadda (you know, his PROTECTOR) says "he ain't scared, let him take off".. and she did.. to the point it was drawing and crowd and many times you could here the crowd GASP.. my mom is having a coranary and me.. I am looking, but I can't.. but I have to, but I can't.. it is just crazy.. he is like 50 hundred stories up and the little booger head can't quit grinning!!! PUT THOSE DIMPLES BACK IN.. YOUR KILLING YOUR MOTHER! Sorry we don't have pictures... I probably would have dropped the camera anyways.

Oh.. and their aunt Becky gave them an old little baby drum thing that she had had with her boys to play with while we were putting prices on items... One day with dadda and he rocks out... check it... *btw, he is saying "two, four" when tapping his drum sticks together... then he stops and says "ROCK N' ROLL".. but trails off after rock.

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