Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stylin' and a blogroll rundown

On the left over there, you can see my blogroll.. just click on their names if you want to go to their blogs... here is a little bit about 'em.

Amanda and Michelle - Amanda is a friend/softball teammate from HS. She rocks and I have come to know a bit about Michelle through her. Michelle also rocks and I have to read their blog to keep up with them since they live way out in beautiful Cali. Go and show some love.

Amy - Amy is a friend/softball teammate from college. She is so sweet and that beautiful little boy of hers looks just like her. Go.. look.. seriously, the boy is beautiful.

April - April is a friend of mine from church/homegroup. She is super sweet and she just has the sweetest and smartest little boy... he has the cutest curls too.

Caryn - another friend that I went to HS with. She loves the Vols (gag) and has quite an adventure with her sister and her sister's fam. Go check it out.

Christi - Christi is a terrific woman that I am friends with and meet through church... and I have to keep in touch because the Navy has taken them all over. I absolutely love this chickie.. now go show her some.

Christie - This Christie, I also met through church/homegroup. She is one person to go to if you need someone to laugh for you. She is always happy and so is that preciously little girl of hers.

Emily - Emmilu is a girl from HS too. We started talkin' at the 10 year reunion and her little boy is close to G's age and she cloth diapered too, so I started to keep up with her.

Heather - Chickie from HS that is trying to get a sippy cup business up and running.. oh just go buy one.

Jana - HS, yes, and she helped with the reunion and everything. Her little girl is very close to D's age, so it is cute to watch them both grow.

Jessica - HS... are you sick of that yet? Too bad. Jess has a beautiful little boy who is growing up just way to quick. She also has a baby sling business... yeppers, you need to buy one of these too.

Joye - HS friend/softball teammate. She is super sweet and on a quest... go support her on her journey.

Mandy - she hasn't updated in a while, but I like to try to keep up with every update when she makes them. She was a friend that I gained after HS that just happened to have graduated with me. She has twin girls born very premature at 26 weeks. They are beautiful and I love watching them grow.

Mick - friend from church. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Eden and Freckles are his two cocker pups. They are adorable.

Stefanie - One of my BFF's. I just love her.. so go say hey.

Tracie - Friend that I met through her older sister. She is so sweet and I can't believe that her little man is about to be 2!!! He is adorable..

And I am sorry, but I am about to call Mr. Hilfiger himself, because I think he has it down.. John Deer phone strapped to Elmo underwear with a sport watch on the ankle... now THAT.IS.STYLIN'.AND.PROFILIN'!!!

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Casey and Amy Bough said...

Oh that was so sweet of you to say. Looks like things are going well. Take care of your adorable boys. Hopefully Colt will get hair like your boys one day.