Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cesh feesh

We spent a long weekend with my cousin, Renee (NayNay) and her hubby, Jason and little boy, Jackson. We had a blast. D found a buddy in Jackson, G got to love on a baby and we got so much needed out in the fresh air time with adults.

I was talkin' to NayNay on the phone when they first arrived and she informed me that the cabin had a 'drop off' in the back that made her uncomfortable... I got there and it made me that way too... but the scenery was awesome.

The boys got to go 'feeshin' for the first time and discover a rock slide and OH MY GAH YOU CAN SWIM IN THIS LAKE!!! Of course, when pack, I felt it was too cold to go swimmin' but... oh well, we managed. You know how much my kiddos love to be naked anyways.

G is our fisherman, but I fear he will be like his uncle Travis was. Loves to fish but ain't gonna touch bait or a fish. Every little critter we came across, G wanted to look, but he wanted it DOWN and didn't want to touch it. D on the other hand wanted to touch it all. D wasn't as much into fishin' or swimmin' as G, but he wanted to explore those woods and the beach. We walked and walked and walked.

They are worn flat dab out. Enjoy the pics.

Did I say we had a blast?

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Karen said...

Just wanted to say Hi. :-) I'm your swap partner for the swap thing on Kat's blog. Hopefully you will like the selection of my favourite things, that I'm about to send to you. Will let you know when I post it off, so you can keep an eye out for it.

Looks like you all had fun at the lake. Love te photos !!!