Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We were on day 42... and had showing #18.

Dude.. I am so tired.

I am also trying to read "Into the Wild"... you know that true story where that rich kid gave all his money to charity and decided to hitchhike and rough it for a while, then died in the wild in Alaska... yeah...
It is not that great.
It is slow going...
I see it more as "this spoiled brat who had everything given to him, decided to be Jack London without fully knowing that Jack London told his stories while being a glutton and being practically glued to a recliner while writing what he wrote. This KID was very ignorant in the way he decided to 'resist/rebel against his upbringing'".

I haven't posted about the boys in a while...

Ok... here goes.

D is getting really bad into the terrible twos while also going through 2 year molars breaking through and an upper chest infection... He has been a BLAST the past few days.

G just got finished with all his 3 year appointments and did it like a champ. We also visited the Pediatric and Adolescent Center to help get an idea of his night time ninja stuff.... she gave me some suggestions to try at night, and also wants him to get a Sensory Integration Disorder test.... so I am waiting on a call back from that.

Oh.. you want pictures to?
Geeze... so demanding..

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