Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend wow...

#11: Last week... I had told you about this... - they will be revisiting the house this coming week. We are one of 2 they have picked out to revisit and will be deciding.

#12: Saturday morning.. new - ?
#13: Saturday afternoon.. new - He thinks he wants Arlington instead of Lakeland, but liked the house and has not made a decision.
#14: Sunday noonish... new/first time our realtor showed the house - of course the realtor loved it... but people wanted more square footage.... LIKE THE FORECLOSURE ON THE CORNER.

I finished Twilight on Friday mid-day... I finished New Moon on Saturday night.

Twilight had me all *swoon* oh action..some *swoon* 1 question I was pondering hard.

New Moon had me all *question answered* *swoon* NODONTYOUDARE *are you kidding me* DONTGOTHERE *AH hope!!*wow*SWOON*Dammit bella you ungrateful heifer!!! now I have another question I am pondering hard.

I know that makes no sense, but that is how it makes sense in my head.

J thinks it is funny seeing me so absolutely enthralled in these books.. because I don't read as much as I don't drink water.

But before this, the movie Romeo and Juliet was what I imagined the the idea love was. (This is totally the absolute romantic in me... not so much the reality of it). So completely and consumed by that of your love your heart and soul completely melting together inside your body from the mere thought of that person. A love that not a single other person could imagine... completely abnormal and shocking that it shook even you to the core. A love unimaginable while completely and utterly soul consuming. A love that you felt physically without a touch just as much as you felt emotionally without a word and mentally without a thought... at the same time, left you motionless, exhausted and sleepless.
*I am totally not giving my thoughts justice... I am just not a writer*

Then comes Edward and Bella.
A love I find more consuming than that of Romeo and Juliet...
Because, lets be honest, Edward was right...
Romeo was always kinda fickle.

I hit up Barnes and Noble on Sunday and bought both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn... and I got 20% off the movie... I saw that again too. :)


Jessica said...

I love your takes on New Moon! I felt exactly the same way! I have read Twilight and New Moon twice...still haven't gotten the other 2 (borrowed them from a friend the 1st time) but I would have read the whole series again if I could have. I NEVER read that fast, but I flew thru those books. I was sad when they were over and kind of mourned the loss of the story for a while.

Emmilu said...

I have not read these yet. My sister is trying to get me hooked.