Monday, March 9, 2009

Can I breathe YET?

Wow... sorry for the lack of posts here lately.

When last weekend was over, we were concentrating on nothing but G's big 3rd birthday party and Pops and Ka-Ka and Uncle Berek coming in town.

Berek hit town Tuesday, so did J from Baltimore... So Wednesday was a day off for J and we all went to Incredible Pizza Place. And had a blast...
The boys had their first Rootbeer Float and D won a giant stuffed pig... thank you momma for carting that thing around the whole.damn.time.

After 3 hours and carrying to really really tired babies to the car for a nice long nap at home... we got the call... they wanted to show the house in 30 minutes....


I got them to push it to 1 hour later and after loading J with kids and dogs, me and Berek scrubbed and jetted out....

We ended up having a nice night, hanging with my folks and eating at Applebee's.

*This brings up a side question... how do you discipline your kids in restaurants?
We do the same thing we do at home... if it goes far enough, I find a corner in dining area we are in and stuff them in it. I don't care if they cry and make a fuss.... What do you do?

Anyways, when we got back, we got feedback.... our first negative feedback and I was torn apart... my realtor knew it and called... she made me feel better... it seemed as if they were comparing my house to a house already "chosen" for this guy.... they griped because I don't have an island (it would look silly in my kitchen)... stuff like that... but I fixed what I could that they complained about... I painted the garage and updated the chandelier in the dining area. *this was done Friday night... you will find out why below.
(now every light in my house has been updated).
(and every room.. including where you park vehicles and not live).
I can't make the yard smaller... and I won't, even though that was a complaint as well.

On Friday, Ka-Ka and Pops arrived and we went to eat dinner.. where we received 2 calls... They want to show the house on Saturday (aka Birthday party). First one was not too bad... 10-11.. (they thought the house was too small... I guess they can't read sq.ft on MLS) fine, party doesn't start until 3... second call? They want to show it between 3:15-4:15... My response?
"We are having my son's birthday party at 3-5.. if you want to show it, you are more than welcome, but about 40 people will be here including us.. but you are welcome to come."

I totally didn't expect them to.

But they totally did come.

They walked the entire house and around people and kids running and cake being cut and kids playing basketball outside.. around chairs and presents and kiddy tables...

Specifically they said "Good house, great back yard.. this is our first showing, thanks for letting us come to the party".

I hope they will come back for a 2nd showing when no one is here... but they loved the back yard. (that is the reason we fell for the house).

Now the party is over (we will talk about that tomorrow) and I can't possibly do anymore to this house... so we are just on a "wait on the right people" time.



sterlingirl said...

Seems things are always hectic! As for discipline, I've put Ryan in time out plenty in public places. The low shelves and Target are great for that! Good luck with the house.

Emmilu said...

:) Of course they liked it! Who wouldn't love a fun party esp if they have or want a family! Hope they come back!