Sunday, March 29, 2009

41 days

and we have our 17th showing today.

We had our 16th yesterday and were getting excited when their realtor was calling our realtor from the house asking questions like "are they willing to pay some closing costs... blah blah.."

We let our excitement get away with us.... they haven't put an offer up yet... but our realtor did talk to theirs more in depth and I found out that they are just starting to look but really liked the house. They have not made a decision and she doubt they would this weekend. Apparently, they looked in Arlington too, but their realtor said they were very budget conscience and knew that once they saw what their money would buy in Arlington, that they would come back this way to Lakeland.

Arlington versus Lakeland.... see, the houses in Arlington are almost exactly like the houses here... but newer... and much more expensive... just to put it in perspective, my realtor actually has a house listed in Arlington that is the exact floor plan as this house... exact... it doesn't have our yard, but it is like only 5 years old, were this one is 11. It is on the market for 40,000 more than this house.... shows you what 5 miles will do in Memphis.

Anyways, we will just keep on keeping on... it is getting tiresome... and my parents are getting over having the dogs their all the time... Babysitting is non-existent for us right now because we are over their with the kids so much.

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Emmilu said...

Yes, selling a house can be exhausting... it's so hard to keep everything "show ready" all the time. I can't imagine how it is with two boys + the animals!! Hopefully it will sell soon!