Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Gavin

Gavin was awake and eating breakfast this morning when Nana did her call first thing to wish him a happy birthday and sing to him. She does it with everyone and I always thought it was a "mom is being funny sweet" before she did it with G with morning... I couldn't have loved it more. Now I understand why my mom does it to me and everyone else... It will definitely be something I look forward to every year.

Of course, D thought it was his turn after that...

And yes, we celebrated G's birthday Saturday, but he is officially 3 years old today.

And it is all blowing me away...

3 years ago today
I had a doctors appointment... I was having them every 2 days because 1)I was coming off bed rest, 2) I was dilated and only at 36weeks, 3days, and 3) he had stopped gaining weight in the womb... So every 2 days they would give me an ultrasound, estimate his weight, and check how dilated I was.

My mom was with me this Friday and we had gone to McDonald's where I had the worst egg mcmuffin I had ever eaten. Very disappointed.

So we go in, they give me the ultrasound, and estimate his weight at 5 lb, 9 oz.. same at the Wednesday and Monday before. Crap.

We go into the room and me and mom are talking about my concern for him not growing and that "ultrasound estimates can be very off and blah blah"... then the doc comes in and says..
"Well, here's the plan... Monday you will come in for a doc visit and we will take you over to the hospital and induce because he is not growing anymore."

me: "OH, ok... but are you going to check me today?"

Dr. "You think I ought to? You think you dilated some more?"

me: "I don't know... but I am here.. so?"

*he checks me... and AS he is checking me...

Dr: "Have you felt any contractions or anything..?"

Me: "No!, I have really felt great."

Dr: "Well then, we are changing plans."

Me: "WHAT? WHY?" *totally thinking I should have never said I felt good.. he is going to keep me preggo and worrying about my baby for nothing*

Dr: "Because you are in active labor. You are 5 cm, with a bulging bag. You need to go straight to the hospital. Here's a pad in case your water breaks on the way."

me: "Can I go home and get my bags?"

Dr: "no"

Me: "Can I grab a bite to eat?"

Dr: "Uh.. no"

Me and mom drove 5 minutes down the road and checked into the hospital about noon... My favorite L and D nurse was there waiting and she started putting in all the stuff in my arm.

Then J walked in and smelled like McDonald's hamburgers.... I almost ate his arm.

I made it clear that once this kid was out, I was getting 2 cheeseburgers and a large Pepsi... yes, someone will have to make a trip to 2 places, but I need Pepsi... not Coke. My Aunt Tina was put in charge of this mission.

about 1, my doc came in and broke my water and checked me again... still at 5cm but now with broken water.... he told me that I wasn't going to dilate if I didn't relax... BUT THEY WON'T GIVE ME A PEPSI!!

I got an epidural instead.

Kaka and Pops rushed in and arrived at about 3:15... nurse checked me at 3:20... I was fully dilated and ready to practice pushing... everyone was ushered out... I pushed once and the nurse said "OK, NO MORE PRACTICE"... she called the doc.. he showed about 3:50... 2 pushes later... G was here at exactly 4:00 pm.

NICU had to be in the room because he was under 37 weeks, but they didn't stay long and I knew he was healthy... but I just kept saying "He is so tiny... he is so tiny".. Doc just kept reassuring me that he was healthy tiny.

5 lb, 7 oz
18.5 in long

The doc finished up and said he was going to go out to the waiting room and tell the family that he has changed his mind and we are stopping labor... lol.

He thinks he is funny... So do I. I love this man.

Once the family came back in and the epidural and IV was out... I totally drank my Pepsi right there in the L and D room.

I was in heaven.. Pepsi in one hand.. my baby in the other.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, G! Wow! I've never heard your birth story before! That's a good one! What a sweet little thing he was!

sterlingirl said...

Such a sweet story. Happy Birthday, G!

Emmilu said...

Happy B-day G!