Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I walked out of the bathroom and G has his play phone in his hand...
G: shhhh... pops and ka-ka pone
Me: Oh, you are talking to Pops and Ka-Ka on the phone?
G: yeah
*a few minutes later
G: I doone
Me: Are Pops and Ka-Ka doing good?
G: Pops come-in Mama's house
Me: Oh, Pops is coming to my house?
G: yeah.
Me: Well.. ok.


G: Mama... doingggggggg?
Me: laundry

G: Mama... doingggggggg?
Me: cleaning

*yeah.. that is his new thing.


*G was dragging Phoenix around by the collar around the house...
Me: G, what are you doing?
G: Peenis (yeah.. that is how he says it) go Nana's house
Me: Why are you taking Phoenix to Nana's house?
G: Mama clean.. Daddy drive Mama's car.
Me: This showing this house is getting to you too huh.
G: yeah



*G is a very clean eater... he is sometimes obsessive about it.
**He also is sometimes very obsessive about D being clean about eating... which is a losing battle... that is the last thing D is worried about when he is eating...

G:*cry*sob*whine* MAMA... D MESS... D MESS!!!
Me: Baby.. worry about you, I will worry about D... he is fine if he makes a mess...
Me: I will handle it son.
Me: G, just because D is a messy eater, it doesn't give you the right to hit him.

***House update...
2 different couples are considering the house... couple #1 is extremely anal according to the realtor.. like needs medicine OCD... he even had a roofer come out and check out the roof. The scheduled a second showing for Tuesday night.
Couple #2 just inquired about the average MLGW bill... but ???
We will see.

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They are so dang cute!!