Friday, March 13, 2009

Well, it finally happnened

I got emotional about selling this house.

I love our house. I love having a big backyard in a cove in a good neighborhood. I liked being somewhat tucked away inside the neighborhood far enough away from busy streets. I love the addition of the covered back porch we had put on. I love we are one of the only houses in the neighborhood with vinyl siding. I love our flat stone decor around all the flowerbeds in the front. I love that my dog has a yard that his narcotic little butt will lay down in besides the field on the farm in Cookeville. (In our yard in Bartlett, he just paced and never laid down). I love that all the kids and parents come to our cove to play because it is the "place to play" in our neighborhood. I love the open floor plan of our house. I love my 2 person shower and I love that it is separate from the jacuzzi tub.

Yesterday we got another call to show the house. We knew it was coming because these same people were sitting outside our house the day before wanting to see it right then.

Usually, and you can ask J, Ka-ka, Berek, Nana, Pops... I turn into a ball of nervousness when I get these calls. I demand to get the dogs and kids out and I stage, scrub, wipe,.. everything. Yes, every time. Under and behind couches, I scrub the insides of toilets, I sweep out the closets, I organize the tuperware drawer.. because.. what if they opened it up???

Anyways, when we got the call yesterday, I wasn't nervous. I was pretty laid back about it... J left with the dogs and kids and I just started... not in the Taz way I normally do, but in a whatever type of way... crying the whole time.

They showed 15 minutes earlier than their scheduled time and caught me cleaning.... carpets never got vacuumed and the hardwood never got swiffered with the wood oil, oh and the kitchen never got mopped.

And it didn't bother me in the least.

then I cried some more.

We were closing on this house the week were in the hospital losing the girls. We had picked out this house to raise the girls since I was pregnant with them while we were looking.... We had such plans. When we lost them and closing had been put off due to circumstances with the lady buying our house in Bartlett, we actually opted to take a second look "under our new circumstances".

We still wanted it. Of course, our plans had now changed to put an oversized inground pool in and still have a lot of yard to play in.

Our course those plans changed and we were able to bring our 2 beautiful boys into this house to raise. This is their first home. The address is on their birth records... and I know whoever lives in her after us will change it... I hate that.. but I know the minute I put that sign in my yard, this was not our anymore...

If it was possible, I would have the lot and house picked up and moved to Wilson county. But, it just ain't happening and I need to get over that.

All of it is getting to me...
Watch, irony will bite my butt and these people will put in an offer...

We could only hope.

The showing yesterday, well those people ended up putting in an offer in on a house in Cordova. The realtor told my realtor "DON'T CHANGE A THING.. ITS A GREAT HOUSE"... so that makes me feel better.

The showing from the people that came during the party... well, it comes to find out that they are from out of town, he is interviewing for a job here and they are kinda being "tire kickers" and testing out the market based on the new possible income he has coming in. He won't know if he even has a job here until like next week or so, so ???

But our 9th showing has already been scheduled for Sunday afternoon... maybe more will come in before then... I will update you more on Monday.


1955Modelandrunningstrong said...

Seeing you first hand deal with selling your second home, I can't imagine the stress; but I admire your strength and feel honored to be your Mom.

sterlingirl said...

Anxiously awating updates about the house!