Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

I finished them both.

My heart rate, stomach, or nerves have not recovered.

*UPDATE: I totally didn't understand why I was reacting physically to these books like I have been. Shaking so bad I had to read with the book on the table and me standing... I got nauseous after having to put the book down to take G to the eye doctor... Thinking my heart was going to literally jump out of my chest.... then on Wednesday morning when I had those same physically problems.. holy crap? Did I really just get that emotionally and mentally involved in a book?
I forgot to eat.
Last meal was Sunday afternoon and that was a bowl of mac and cheese.
Nice.. right.
so so sad.

Sorry, eventhough I don't hate Jacob...
I am totally


You could even get me this:

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Jessica said...

Um...that last shirt is on a guy...

I totally get it, though! I liked how things turned out.