Friday, March 20, 2009



Only 1 update and won't talk about the house for the rest of the post...
#9 showing on Sunday... still no feedback.. doubt we will get any.. brushing this one off.
#11 Wednesday... The other realtor said "Showed great. This house is one of 2 they are wanting to take a 2nd look at next week. We will call when they are ready to schedule a reshowing with their parents."

And I found out the foreclosure 2 door down from me is going for 15,000 less than what I am on the market for AND it has about 300 square feet more.
It has been packed.


I have decided to start get back to my reading that I had put off. I restarted reading Twilight. I saw the movie the day it came out, but have not finished reading the book... I had just got through the first couple of pages..
I was the type of reader in HS that only read Cliff Notes. I never comprehended the book... I usually don't like reading at all because it takes me FOR.E.VER. to finish.

I started Twilight at about 7:30 last night... I drug my butt to bed at midnight on page 250.
I have watched the movie so I know somewhat of what is going to happen, but it still has a grip.

I need to finish to get to New Moon... so I am taking the day to not make sure the house is spotless, to let the boys have their Movie Friday.. and I am going to finish Twilight...

then stay up til Midnight prolly reading New Moon.

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sterlingirl said...

I got somewhere into the 200's when I stopped reading Twilight. It was good, but, well, not my murder mysteries I'm used to. I am interested in seeing the movie, though.