Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am tired...

G has been being a night ninja again...

We thought the 1mg Melatonin was working... it did for a minute or two...

then it didn't anymore.

I called the Pedi and they advised me to up the dosage to 3mg.

I even got the time release kind.

It almost put him comatose immediately after we gave it to him... it was scary how exhausted he seemed right before bed....

It extended his night ninja time from 1am to 3am.

The Pedi called to see how it worked... I explained the above.

They are calling me back later with a different suggestion.

We have found a new alarm for his room that is used with Alzheimer patients that puts the "sound part" in our room... and also the alarm goes off for 2 minute or until we turn it off instead of just until the door is closed... because he has gotten the hang of getting out the door quick.

This is so sad that all this is for a 3 year old... an apparently very sneaky, sly, intelligent 3 year old.

Makes me wonder what his teenage years will bring.

This is why guppies eat their young.

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